How to speed up your website, rank higher in Google, AND make more sales


Episode 328

SD-3box-500.jpg.pagespeed.ce.vIgZi5GFBmWhen you click on a link how long do you wait for it to load? Five seconds? Four? Three? TWO??!! Most people don’t have the patience to wait for a website to load if it takes longer than three seconds, and Google doesn’t like it either. That’s right, if your site loads slowly Google could lower your rankings. So a slow website can cause LESS traffic and LESS conversions…which means you’ll be LESS happy too.

Luke Corden is on the show today to give us a few tips about how to speed up our websites and to talk about his new course Speed Demon Backend SEO.

Watch the show below: [leadplayer_vid id=”530526F621B93″]


  1. Hey Mike… for someone who is terrified of the sound of his own voice this was one of the most fun opportunities I have had since going full time in the wonderful world of Internet Marketing – thanks for that.

    Great review by the way… You should see my inbox… People are desperate for be to open up SpeedDemon to the public!

    If you or your viewers need anything at all just shoot me a line and I’ll see what I can do for you.

    Thanks again,

    Luke Corden

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