​​​​Step Three – How To Write Content For A Niche Website

When preparing content for my websites I want to be sure that the topic is relevant to the keyword phrase. That’s why I use Google’s “related searches” to form the content of my articles, and I use Ask.com to discover what people are actually searching for when typing in the keyword phrase. I explain this more in the video below:

There are a couple of important things that I didn’t mention. In the last paragraph of the article you should have your keyword phrase listed there. You should have that keyword phrase linking directly to the root domain. So, the domain http://www.cordlessscrewdriver.org/ should have the anchor text “cordless screwdriver” linking to “www.cordlessscrewdriver.org”.

You will also have to put the “pages” widget in the sidebar of the site to have them show up on the homepage.

Also, the image should be after the first paragraph so that you can have plenty of worded content above the fold of the screen. Your page should look like this:

Resources discussed in video

oDesk– This is where I hire all my writers from. You can get an 850-950 word article for $4.44 (including fees).

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