​​​​Step Two – How To Setup Niche Websites Quickly

Making money with niche websites is a numbers game. If you are only making one website then setting it up is not usually a problem, but with one niche website you aren’t going to make much money. In order to make good money with niche websites you need to be able to create a lot of websites quickly. I’ve developed a system where all I need to do is install wordpress, upload a couple of files, change some settings, and bam…a website.

I use WP Twin to install each of my websites quickly. I highly recommend getting a copy of it if you want to save yourself a lot of time and hassle. I’ve also included a link below the video to a file you can use with WP Twin that is the exact same one I’m using now.

I also use the CTR theme with my sites because it has a very high Click Through Rate, meaning that each visitor is making me the most amount of money possible with Adsense. This also isn’t mandatory to buy, but I recommend it if you want a theme that is proven to get results.
You definitely don’t need to buy WP Twin in the beginning, but if you decide to really scale out your niche site making process then it’s something that can really help you out.

For those of you who decide to build your sites manually you can download the following plugins I use on my sites for free:
Contact Form 7– An easy way to put a contact form on your sites
Dagon Sitemap Generator– Makes a fully customizable sitemap
Google Analytics – Easily add Google Analytics to your sites
Google XML Sitemaps – Add an XML sitemap so Google will index you faster
Login Lockdown – Stops people from breaking into your site
WordPress SEO – Makes your site more search engine friendly

Resources discussed in video

WP Twin Website Clone File (You need to buy a WP Twin license to use it HERE)
Once you buy it email me your receipt and I’ll send you the username and password for the WP Twin Clone file

CTR Theme – I use this will all my websites and it gets me a solid CTR