​​​​Step One – How To Choose A Domain Name

In this video I will show you how I use Find Browse Nodes to discover profitable Adsense niche domains. I am able to do this quite quickly with Long Tail Pro, but you can do it manually if you don’t want to make the investment yet.

Resources discussed in video

CPC X Local Exact Match Searches X .01 = SEO Value

Local Monthly Phrase Search /Local Monthly Broad Search X 100 = Phrase To Broad %

Long Tail Pro

Chosen Niche Domain= www.CordlessScrewdriver.org (this is just an example site…not an earning site, but I have used the same method to make all my other earning sites)

Host Gator Hosting– I use Host Gator to host all my websites. It’s very inexpensive and easy to use.

Go Daddy- I register all my domains with Go Daddy. I recommend them.

Adsense Flippers Guidebook – You must read this to understand the rest of the videos…it’s awesome!