How To Make $500-$1,000 With One Tiny Affiliate Site!


Episode 550

You probably know that setting up your own affiliate websites can be profitable. Heck, our guest today has built up over 30 websites that make between $500-$1,000 per month each. 

However, he did it all by hand. That's why he had a piece of software created that now takes the time to build a profitable site from minutes.​

Today Austin E. Anthony is on the show to tell us about his 4-step method that he uses to build profitable niche sites, that can now be done automatically with his Super Affiliate Machine software.

Watch the show below:

Super Affiliate Machine Demo

Sales Page Preview

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    1. Rod, there’s a formula for ranking them included in the software that Austin personally uses.

  1. Mike, as I’m sure you’re aware, it gets far more complicated when for instance 100’s or even 10’s of people are trying to rank for the same Brand name or kw. Since the standard licence only covers 3 sites, it’s extremely likely that none of the sites would be ranked on the 1st or even 2nd pages of the SE’s in which case one would be required to create more high ranking backlinks which would make the whole operation more costly and time consuming, hence the software would be deemed as not very effective, at least not in all cases. I’ve made a few sites which are now ranking really well, so I’m speaking from experience. Having said that I would love to be assured that my concern would have an easy solution and is catered for, by the software.

    1. Rod,

      Sure, if there’s a lot of competition for a keyword then it will get difficult. But the software does the keyword research for you and tells you if a keyword is worth going for. It also gives you a strategy to rank the website.

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