Targeted Traffic Empire Review – $50,500 in PROFIT in one month using PPV traffic


Check out my Targeted Traffic Empire review below

In this guide you'll learn the steps that Jeff Farley uses to create PPV campaigns that make him affiliate commissions month after month. You'll learn how to find a product, select keywords, setup a campaign, and then run traffic to it.

Watch my Targeted Traffic Empire review: [leadplayer_vid id="5315EDEE7AF9E"]

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  1. meanwhile i’m still waiting for for my TrafficJeet bonus, or at least a reply to my emails to you…

    thanks in advance – for sorting this out

      1. resent email after you replied to comment
        no response

        just reached out to you on skype…

          1. Thanks Mike!
            I think Google was the culprit.
            i.e.- the way Gmail is now handling links/downloads


  2. Bought! Of course.
    Traffic strategies…. I am ALWAYS in for.
    thanks as always Mike.

    1. Hey Walt,

      Thanks for your support! We’re going to have to have you back on the show again sometime soon 😉

  3. Mike,

    I went ahead and purchased this and set up a number of campaigns in Leadimpact last night using the strategy. Today I received this message from them for every campaign I set up:

    “Targeting the same offer, the URL, or any term found in the URL of the offer you are promoting is prohibited in our system. All other keywords may have been approved.”

    Is this strategy even viable at all given this rule? Im not sure how they approach this in other networks, but given that Leadimpact is one of the larger ones this is a bit concerning. Saw no mention of this in the course.


    1. Hi Chris;

      I do advertise on Lead Impact. They used to allow self targetting but in the last two weeks, they have changed their policy and do not allow it anymore. This is the e-mail I received from them on Mar 3 when I asked them about their new update:

      ” No, LeadImpact no longer allows self-targeting. This change was made approximately 2 weeks ago.
      – LeadImpact ”

      Kindda sucks!! I don’t know about other networks though.

  4. Kelvin,

    Thanks, I chatted with Jeff and he confirmed the same thing. He did mention that the other networks do still allow this type of targeting so we will have to focus on them. I agree though it does suck, been advertising with Leadimpact for a while so already have a funded account there.


  5. I was going to purchase this product, but not so sure now. I’m new to PPV and was wondering exactly what is self targeting?

    Mike I do notice that most of your interviews are very positive. I also notice that you endorse most of the products from the interviews. Do you ever have a review of a product that’s just not good? Because I’ve got to tell you, I purchased a couple of products here and they weren’t so good and riddled with typos to a point where it wasn’t even usable, etc.

    My favorite interview by far was with Vincent Boccalino, “Simple Novice Profits”. It was put together very well and his resources rock and I was actually able to make money with his product. His product was so good, I never once had to email support 🙂 On top of that, I thought that interview was the most real and genuine, I’d ever seen on your show. I can’t say enough good things about his product!

    Thanks for your interviews Mike, I really enjoy most of them, but I absolutely cannot stand hype!!


    1. Vicky,

      “Self targeting” is when you simply target the main page of an offer with it’s affiliate link. For example, if you were to target “” with your “expedia.oom/myaffiliatelink” as your pop up that would go over the actual site. The tactic is that the person is already looking for the service so if they click on your link and buy you’ll get the commission.

      Yes, most of my reviews are positive as I spend quite a bit of time screening out my guests and their products. I try my best only to have the best of the best on the show. Of course, that being said, I tend to find some negatives in each product.

      Which product did you purchase that was full of typos? It’s actually not the typos that would concern me, but if the information was bad inside.

      I agree that Vinnie’s product/interview was one of the best. I’m actually in the process of working with him on another product right now, and if it turns out right we’ll be releasing it on the show.

      Thanks for watching!

      1. Hey Mike,

        I don’t want to call out anyone’s product. But I do believe that if
        someone is going to produce a great product, at least proof-read it, or get someone else to do it.

        One of them was pretty bad until you didn’t quite understand how to make it work even though the interview was good. You could tell it was not written by a native English speaking person. A system/technique, etc. must make sense in order to implement.

        If you and Vinny come out with something, I’m definitely in 🙂
        Maybe you can give me a hint about the subject matter?

        Anyhow Mike, I really admire you and you seem to come across as really being sincere and wanting your listeners/lookers to make money.

        Thanks for all you do!


  6. Hi Mike,
    I am having same problem as Ken. I did not receive the bonuses after sending my receipt. Nor a response to the email. Also, the hyperlink in Jeff Farley’s product didn’t work so I can’t get his bonus from you “Product Launch Confessions”.

    Please let me know when you will be sending these, now “SIX”, bonuses.

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