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Episode 598

While many people work countless hours a day trying to make puny affiliate commissions, a select few do things quite differently. They’ve discovered that it’s often much easier, and way more profitable, to promote higher ticket products for large commissions.

Today Bill Hugall is on the show to reveal some of his top tips from The Five Figure Secretand how everyday people can quickly start making larger commissions than they ever thought possible.

Watch the show below

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  1. I just finished watching your interview with Bill Hugall discussing the cost of products. Here is my point of view. It’s not only about your confidence and value of the product, but also the willingness to help other people to succeed in IM. And as you know most people who are beginners they just can’t afford expensive products. That’s why I admire those internet marketers who sell high quality products at low to moderate cost ($7 – $47), and I think those who want to help other people should be considering to sell low/moderate priced products intended for newbies as well. I think some successful internet marketers probably have forgotten how they started in this business and became too greedy focusing only on people and businesses with deep pockets. And saying: “my product is too valuable, or I am such a big expert and so confident in myself to never sell it at low cost” sounds kind of arrogant to me. There is always should be place for both – low cost/moderate and expensive products. Do not copy people on the top who have forgotten how they got there. On my opinion, it’s all about to reach out and help as many people as you can, and not just how much money you are making.

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