Tube Backlink Commando Review with Tony Hayes

The One-Click Youtube video ranking software that everyone said COULDN’T be done – with Tony Hayes


Episode 182

If you’re doing any kind of Youtube marketing you know how important it is to build backlinks to your videos to help them rank in Google. What if there was a tool that would do that for you…on auto pilot? Tony Hayes is on the show today to talk about his Tube Backlink Commando system of building links to all your Youtube videos without having to do tedious link building.

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Tube Backlink Commando (CLOSED)- Tony’s easy method of ranking Youtube videos in Google

  • July 2, 2013
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Chaney Alulis - July 5, 2013

Hi Mike,

Thanks for bring us marketers superb information, guests with real products that we can benefit from and brilliant ideas we can use. Keep is coming Mike…you’re the best.

In regards to Tube Backlink Commando, I believe that Tony has done a outstanding job on the creation of this product and I also believe that it can to very helpful. I plan on buying it but need a little more information!

I have two questions #1 – I have a You Tube Channel with several videos already uploaded and somewhat optimized will these videos also get backlinks using Tube Backlink Commando, or is it only the videos I upload after installing the TBC program/plugin?

And questions 2, on my You Tube channel, there are several people that have placed videos on my channel… is there a way I can delete them? If so how? That’s three, I know.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks Mike,

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