Total Revenue and Costs Since October 2011

So I checked my stats from October to February. My total income was $5,737.

My total expenses was $4,520.

That’s a profit of $1,217.

I was actually surprised about this because I’ve been spending quite a bit of money on my Internet marketing efforts lately. The good thing is that even with all my expenses I’m able to maintain some sort of a profit. If I stopped spending money on my business I could take in a monthly income of about $1,300/month. Not bad, but not enough to pay for all my bills and leave enough room for putting money away in case there’s an emergency. I also hit over $80/day as seen below!

So how much is enough?

I really don’t know. $3,000/month would let me live a fairly comfortable life here in Istanbul, Turkey. That would allow for a nice apartment, good food, entertainment, and enough leftover to put some in the bank.


What now?

I’m going to keep building websites and my income. In a few months I’m planning on selling some sites on Flippa to reduce the amount of sites I have and add some quick income. I’m really looking forward to developing a good reputation in site building and selling so that I can develop a happy list of clients. I feel like that’s the future for me.

  • March 21, 2012
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