Traffic Ignite review – FREE traffic method generated over $3,000


Traffic Ignite is a course that teaches you the exact method that Seth and his students use to get free traffic, build a buyers email list, and make money at the same time.

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  1. Hello Mike,

    Saw you video on YouTube and led me to your website here. I have used the Traffic Ignite method for a few years now (before this product ever surfaced) and have been able to build a big list from it, among other methods that I use that are, if not more, effective.

    Your reviews are very well presented and I like your initial skepticism about products like this from the beginning. Let’s people know you are just not willing to promote “anything” under the sun. Too many online scams going on now and what people don’t need is to be robbed of their hard earned money out of a hope and dream that they will make money online or off.

    Also, too many people (not to mention any names) are doing reviews and telling people they have made $5,000 and more after using the product they are reviewing, and for me, I can see right through this kind of scam. Why not just be honest (like yourself) and real and people will come to you and purchase through your links if you can do this for them.

    You seem very down to earth with your reviews and you ask many of the right questions. Keep your skepticism about products and continue asking the relevant questions to help others to not get burned (scammed) from the bogus products being sold out there online.

    Great work! Keep it up.


    1. Thanks for the kind words, Joseph. I take my job seriously and I’ll continue to provide honest reviews.

      Thanks for watching!

  2. I’ll vouch for Mike as I’ve followed him since he started the videos, he asks tough questions and is legit. Keep up the good work, your definitely doing a good service by “weeding” through this ocean of programs so that we don’t have to. Nice to put faces behind products too.

  3. Mike,
    How are you? I recently signed up with you and enjoy the videos. I am interested in traffic ignite by seth bias. i attempted to purchase it last week but my transaction did not complete. Is this product still available? Based on your reviews of this product I was excited about the prospects and am disappointed if it is no longer available. Can you let me know at your earliest convenience. thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    Jim Masiello
    [email protected]

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