Update for July 2012 – Show me the money!


ManageWP: $147

Pingler: $5

Aweber: $20

Social Adr: $94

Ezarticle link subscription: $30

Free Jing and ScreenCast Subscription for
easily explaining things to workers : $10

Whoosh (CLOSED) rank tracking subscription: $99

EZarticle spin credits: $0

Copyscape: $0

Article Marketing Robot and Unique Article Wizard outsourcing: $120

Odesk writing, research, and outsourcing: $793.46

Go Daddy domains and Host Gator hosting: $98.28

website creation outsourcing: $22

Header: $40.50

Flippa: $0

Warrior Forum Ads: $80

Create Awesome Interviews: $495

Optin Skin: $47

Contest Domination OTO: $37

Skype Phone Number: $60

Facebook: $99.86

Total expenses: $2,261.10


Text link ads: $83.49

Odesk: $150

SocialAdr: $37.14

WP Goldmine (CLOSED): $9.00

Ezarticle link: $119

CTR Theme: $273.32

Long Tail Pro: $172.82

Website sales: $12,110.05

Adsense: $2,461.95

Total Revenue: $15,416.77

Total Profit: $13,155.67


I’m happy to announce that this is the best month I’ve had online EVER! The big difference this month is the amount of private sites I sold. With a total of $12,110.05 in private sales I beat last month by almost 100%. I was able to cut costs this month because a lot of the domains I bought last night weren’t made into websites yet by my outsourcing team. Why not? Since it’s summertime I think a lot of my writers are working a bit slower so it’s harder to find article writers to get the work done. Other then that, things have been going very well with my business.

What’s new this month?

1. I’ve started using the Optin plugin that Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income recommends. I haven’t fully realized it’s potential yet, but it’s great for creating customized and beautiful optin forms for my site.

2. I had my $100 niche site giveaway contest this month. Things went very well with it as I was able to increase the amount of people on my list, Twitter, and Facebook.

3. I didn’t do any auctions on Flippa. Instead of spending money there I put ads on the Warrior website like this one. It costs $20 for each add you place there. I placed 4 ads throughout the month costing a total of $80. I got quite a bit of traffic from there, but unfortunately I can’t give you numbers because my analytics code was removed by mistake when installing another plugin. Next month.

4. I had some nice revenue from referrals this month, exactly $761.28. That’s a real big improvement just in itself. The nice thing is some of that is reoccurring income so I should see some of it again next month.

5. I was asked by Joe and Justin at Adsense Flippers to compete in a debate on Authority and Niche sites as valid income models. It was really fun to do and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about it. If you haven’t read it yet you can read it HERE.

6. I published a popular post about a few ways I build rapport with my list. This went over really well and got some great feedback. Read it HERE.

7. I sat down and wrote a history of my experiences making money on the Internet. This is quite a long read so grab a coffee and check it out HERE.

8. I changed my Adsense Starter Sites for sale page to make it easier for interested buyers to find out almost everything important about a site.

All in all it’s been a great month, but I’ve been very busy. I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere online and it’s a great feeling. However, I know that the Internet world changes very quickly, so I’m in the process of diversifying my income. How will I be doing this? I plan on reaching out to a wider audience online by creating a video web show interviewing successful Internet marketers about their experiences online. This will not be an easy project, but I think it could be really interesting and fun to do. In order to prepare for it I purchased David Siteman Garland’s Create Awesome Interviews tutorial. I don’t usually buy info products, but he really knows his stuff and I’m super happy with it. Anyway, just a heads up that you should be seeing some great interviews start up in the next month or two.

That’s it for July…let’s see how August goes 🙂


  • August 3, 2012
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