How to use $20 to $50 Media Buys to get $0.004 clicks – with Chris Munch


Episode 271

My favorite type of traffic is paid traffic. Why? It’s because you can get it whenever you want, and once you find traffic that converts, you can buy it all day long.

Unfortunately, traditional paid traffic sources like Adwords and Facebook are getting more expensive and there seem to be more rules every day. That’s where media buying comes in. You can get started with $20-$50 media buys promoting anything you want without the strict rules that other pay-per-click companies enforce. By doing this it’s common to be able to get traffic for as little as $0.004 per visitor!

Chris Munch is on the show today to talk all about his fantastic new course Media Buy Academy that is used as required course material at Baylor University, the #2 University for Entrepreneurship in the USA.

Watch the show below: Duration:  1:05:12
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Media Buy Academy Bonus!

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  1. Hey Mike,
    It was nice of you to share this video and others too!

    It is a frightening world spending money on advertising of any kind. After listening to you guys I am much more confident in diving into this area of Media Buy advertising.

    As always Chris Munch has given out great insights into the world of Media Buy in this video. I am also a reader of Chris’ newsletters so I know the face and the literature he is sharing and putting out into the world. Top guy!

    Mike you’re doing a great job, I find your reporting style and presentation really relaxed and worthwhile.

    I found your site first a month ago while on the net searching through a product. This time too was the same – so I followed the link and watched the media buy presentation and watch you and Chris talk about Marketing.

    Thanks for a Great video and documentation!


  2. Hi Mike,

    It’s interesting to hear Chris talk about the FB ad blindness, he’s so right! Ironically your ad shows up continuously in my FB wall, I’ve become very blind to it. If you changed it up a bit I think it would help your conversions. It’s that same thumbs up ad with your face. I took a screen shot if you want to see it. After visiting your site and listening to Chris Munch interview, I went over to FB and there you were, your ad once again. I wonder how many other viewers are seeing it as much as I am. It’s the Fiverr ad. In my opinion FB is doing you a disservice, because personally I do not want to see the same ad over and over and over and over and over for weeks now. Look forward to your feedback.

    1. Jayme,

      I’m following you around 😉

      Yes, I should probably change that ad. Thanks for the reminder.

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