Wookle Review and Bonus: Plus you get to see me do silly faces

(LoveClaw is now called Wookle)

See those silly pictures of me at the bottom of the post? That’s Wookle…cool, eh…but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Watch this Wookle Review video first:
[leadplayer_vid id=”5163DFBF34740″]

What is Wookle?

It’s a strange name, but the basic idea behind the plugin is that people are much more likely to click on interesting images like the ones to the right because they express emotions.People more likely to click on a “Like” button than a “Google +” or “Tweet” because the “Like” has an emotion attached to it. Look around the Internet and you’ll find that on most posts there are more “Likes” than anything else. When someone clicks on one of the images it gives them an option to share on their Facebook wall. love claw icons

The thing I like most about Love Claw is that you can customize your buttons. If you didn’t notice at the top of this post, I have made my own buttons that are much more likely to get someone’s attention than simply putting simple button. Did it get your attention?

The backend of the plugin is also super simple to use if you just want to use an “I love this” button. It’s the easiest way to use the plugin, but I’d highly recommend at least using one of their custom icons because they are much more likely to get the user’s attention than a plain button. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the results that plugin users have had HERE.

Check out this video to understand why having an emotional connection with your audience is CRUCIAL to differentiate yourself from everyone else and then click HERE to check out the plugin for yourself.

How did I create my silly buttons with my face in them?

Do you like my silly faces  with colorful borders up at the top of this post? They were super-easy to create, and if you buy through my affiliate link I’ll send you a link to a video showing you EXACTLY how I did it as a Love Claw Bonus. Just buy through my affiliate link and send your receipt to [email protected] and I’ll send the bonus video right over.

Oh, and be sure to click on the silly faces at the top to test it out 🙂


  1. I got the software just a few minutes ago with the Beta. Your custom silly pic’s sold me. I can see me rolling on the floor making like buttons like that. I’ve already thought of a couple to make.I might be getting ahead of myself ,but I joined as an affiliate as well. Hoping to make up a fan page promotion.

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