WP Central Hub 2.0 review – Plugin SAVES Time And Money While INCREASING TRAFFIC


Check out my WP Central Hub 2.0 review below

WP Central Hub 2.0 is a plugin that lets you control ALL of your WP sites from one dashboard. Save precious hours and use the included spinner to post unique content across your sites in just a few clicks.

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WP Central Hub 2.0 Bonuses

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Bonus #1– WP Reports Plugin ($27 value)

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Bonus #3– WP Email Countdown ($47 value)

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  1. Hello Mike, i saw your interview with Ankur shukla on youtube. it was an eye opener for me. it is an essential plugin too. but, will you please clarify me some doubts i have.
    It seems we can post contents to any page from central hub. but, it will be ok for normal blogs . but, will it work for sites with complex architecture like subdomains, directories, [eg..amazon affiliate sites , and coupons sites which needed to be updated daily with hundreds of products using csv feeds importer] ? is it doable?
    please reply.

    1. Babu,

      It will work for normal sites, but if you’ve got a complicated csv importer then I’d stick to just logging into your site and doing it that way.

  2. Thank you so much for your reply. If possible could you suggest best cloning plugin available for wp sites to clone to some other domains,with said structures.

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