How Brad Scott Makes OVER $100 Per Day on Youtube


Episode 294

Sure, you can put up a lot of crappy little videos on Youtube and perhaps rank for some keywords. Yes, it’s possible. But if you want to get REAL rankings, REAL views, and make REAL money then you better focus your efforts on creating quality content.

Brad Scott is on the show today to talk about how he’s been able to make a living on Youtube, and his Video Traffic System course.

Watch the show below:
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  1. This podcast used to come in automatically on my podcatcher (BeyondPod) on my Android phone, but it no longer comes in. Other shows continue to show up automatically, but the most recent Mike from Maine show is episode 252 even though I refresh the feed. Did something change

      1. That’s unfortunate since I listen to podcasts in my car all the time. When I’m at my computer, I’m working. Thanks for the reply though.

        1. Sure thing. I’ve decided to focus on ONE aspect instead of trying to do a little of everything. I think in the long run it will be best for everyone.


        2. Hey Scott,

          I know it’s a bit of a pain, but you can listen to the YouTube videos directly from the website. I did this for Mike’s show on a five hour drive the other day and the audio quality was just as good as a podcast.


          1. Yeah, I know it’s possible from a technology standpoint, but it’s just not nearly as convenient. As much as I like the show, chances are I won’t listen to it nearly as much or as often if I have to do all that. On my smartphone, all my podcasts come in automatically and play one after the other. It kind of surprises me from a marketing standpoint, since podcasts are becoming more and more popular by leaps and bounds, to kind of go backwards and eliminate that avenue of reaching people.

            1. Scott,

              Yes, you’re right that there’s an audience that I’ll lose. However, my main goal is to have people consume my content on my website. I don’t want to “be everywhere”. I just want to be here 🙂

              It would be a shame to lose you…I hope to see you around here.

              1. Sure thing Mike, I do understand that’s your goal to have people consume the content from your website. I just feel that it’s going against the overwhelming trend of people wanting to consume content “on the go”. There was a time when the Yellow Pages would have preferred people to look up phone numbers in their printed book, but they either had to change with the majority’s preference or become obsolete. Same thing with newspapers. But, it’s your site and your business, so it’s your choice. I have subscribed to your YouTube channel so I will still see new content sometimes (still not on your site as intended though). I bought Brad Scott’s video product so am looking forward to using that. Thanks for your interviews, they are interesting and informative.

  2. Mike,

    Did Brad Scott say he was promoting “free products” as an affiliate? I can’t seem to find any free products having googled it. Can you ask him how he did it plz?

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