Video Income Report for January, 2014 – My BEST month in over a year

Watch my video income report below

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20,424 page views (+1,154 from December)

13,413 Youtube channel views  (+1,636  from December)

88,297 minutes watched (+17,629 from December)

Aweber subscribers: 5,217 (+440 subscribers from December)

GetResponse subscribers: 3,621 (-197 subscribers from December)

Total email list subscribers: 8,838



LinkTrackr: $27

Aweber: $69 – This is my list building software that allows me to email everyone when there’s a new interview

GetResponse: $45 – This is the autoresponder I use for my buyer’s list and solo ads

Skype: $10 for premium

Storm on Demand Liquid Web Hosting: $71.73

Perfect Audience: $94.98

JVZoo Fees: $14

Helpouts Profits (The Paid Expert): $47


Total expenses: $378.71 (-$1,517.43 compared to December)



Fanpage List Builder (CLOSED): $604 from review and interview with Karthik Ramani

Tuberank Jeet: $402.97 from review and interview with Cyril Gupta

Video Traffic System (CLOSED): $359.22 from review and interview with Brad Scott

Dual Action Affiliate Profits: $286.74 from review and interview with David Eisner

Youtube Quick Cash (CLOSED): $222.67 from review and interview with James Knight

Covert Pinpress 2.0: $211.40 from review and interview with Cindy Battye

AK Booster Pro: $194.21 from review and interview with Ben Murray

News Feed Fire (CLOSED): $183.20 from review and interview with Chris Blair

Social Traffic Storm (CLOSED): $176.65 from review and interview with Mark Thompson

Instant Email Swipe File: $164.35 from review and interview with Matt Bacak

Outsource Renegade (CLOSED): $142.05 from review and interview with Ian Ralphs

How to Find & Research a Profitable Niche Market: $132.39 from interview with Reed Floren

Solo Ad Business Blueprint (CLOSED): $129.77 from interview with Kate Rosenberg

Safelist Pirate (CLOSED): $114.11 from review and interview with Stefan van der Vlag

LinkClaw (CLOSED) : $101.20 from review and interview with Chris Munch

Emergency New Year’s Cash: $95.56 from review and interview with Kristie Chiles

Arbitrage Underdog: $91 from interview with Tom E and review

Goldmine List Building: $85.83 from interview with Mikey Rubano

Art Outsourcing Made Easy: $78.24 from review and interview with Cheryl Johnson

Webinar Ignition: $73.50 from review

Adsense Avalanche (CLOSED): $53 from interview and review with Ron Rule

The Money Tree (CLOSED): $51.53 from interview with Russ Ruffino

Self Publishers Wealth Summit: $47

Kindle Giveaway Guru: $46.94 from review and interview with Mike Balmaceda

MobiEase (CLOSED): $45.20 from review and interview with Craig Crawford

My Income Revolution System (CLOSED): $38.50 from interview with Ivan Rendulic

Simple Novice Profits (CLOSED): $35.14 from interview with Vinny Boccalino

WSO Winner: $32.68 from review and interview with Alessandro Zamboni

Video Curation Pro: $31.02 from interview with Peter Drew

Solo Ad Expert (CLOSED): $26.64 from interview with Jonathan Mizel

Helpouts Profits (The Paid Expert) (CLOSED) : $23.50 from review

Product Creation Master Class: $23.22 from interview with Trevor Dumbleton

IM John Chow (CLOSED): $21.24 from interview with John Chow

Inner Circle Solo Ads 3.0: $20.25 from interview with Rob Stafford

Copy Sketch Pro – $19.47 from interview with Allen Crawley

Secret Millionaires Traffic Source: $18.68 from interview with Dave Gruber and Matt Bacak

Fiverr Cash Flow: $17.98 from interview with Art Wojciechowski

Operation Solo: $17.97 from interview with Anthony Tilley

Funnel Kit: $16.20 from interview with Emka

MemberSonic Theme: $15 from interview with Andrew Hunter

Kindle Marketing Reloaded: $13.38 from interview with Andreas Quintana

The Traffic Hack System (CLOSED): $10 from interview with Mike Marin

Couch Potato Profits: $8.72 from interview with Duncan Dennis

Coupon Book Method (CLOSED): $7.52 from interview with Denis Kampl

Tube Takeover: $7.48 from interview with Joshua Zamora

Hacking LinkedIn: $7.19 from interview with Garret Acott

Passive Cash Profits: $7.12 from review


Total revenue from interviews: $4,511.63  (+$2,263.71 from December)


Fiverr Secrets: $197.61– My product showing how I make about $500/month in extra income on Fiverr

Quick and Easy Cash Blueprint (CLOSED): $28 – My product showing the results I had using Vinny’s Simple Novice Profits.

Product Launch Confessions: $54.67 – My product with interviews from 12 professional product creators

Kindle earnings: $10

Whoosh Traffic (CLOSED): $17.90 – A keyword tracker for monitoring multiple keyword rankings

Fiverr Gigs: $200 – I made this money using the EXACT method that I teach HERE

Total from OTHER streams of income:  $508.18 (-$959.91 from December)


Total Revenue: $5,019.81 (+$1,303.80 from December)


Total Profit: $4,641.10 (+$2,821.23 from December)

  1. Mike
    A Big High Five..well done you deserve it. Keep up the great work. Your site is the one site I come back to day after day. Great quality videos man!


  2. Awesome results, Mike! Congrats.
    I especially like your cost / profits ratio this month. Very cool.

    1. Thanks, Christian. I spent a lot in the previous months building my list, so it was time to reap the benefit.

  3. Great job!
    One thing that may boost sales too are written reviews.
    Some ppl just don’t want to watch videos especially on the go and would prefer written reviews. You could post that in the same post.

    Also not sure why it’s only $10 with kindle. That’s a huge money maker if you know what you are doing. This can very easily go up into the hundreds.

    1. Thanks, Jay. If I had all the time in the world I’d do written reviews as well, but video reviews fit my business model as they take less time to produce.

      As far as the Kindle revenue is concerned, that’s $10 from three books. You’re right, there’s a HUGE potential for making money on Kindle.

      Thanks for watching!

  4. Hi Mike
    Awesome result. Congrats , You have this result from implementing right list building methods. I’m going to start building my list , What course do you suggest me to take as a best instruction to start ?

    Would you please tell me How can i visit your profile on fiverr ?


      1. I bought your course but couldn’t find out what’s your profile , I don’t want to copy your gigs actually I have already started my business on fiverr and I’m doing well I just wanted to check what keywords did you use for your rewriting service over there , Because my rewriting gig doesn’t go well than my other gig . but yours was great . I just want to know the keywords you used for that specific gig …

        And about your list building course I must say I’m already there to buy , Please make it as soon as possible …


  5. You blow my mind yet again Mike. Thumbs up for your my friend, you really had an awesome month their. You sure do deserve it for all the hard work. Am going to take you up on your suggestion as per our discussion a couple of weeks back.

    Thanks a lot for the encouragement and for opening my eyes.

    1. Ejeke, I’m happy to hear that you’re finally taking action. There’s no “get rich quick”…it’s a slow gradual process.

    1. Dani, thanks, buddy. This month was a win. It’s not to say that all months will be the same, but this was an important step.

  6. Congrats Mike,
    It shows that money is always there to be made despite the fact that more and more people are jumping into the MMO niche…

    1. Nizam,

      Thanks, competition isn’t a bad thing. If there’s competition it usually means that there’s money to be made.

  7. I checked this the other day and unless I’m crazy I thought I saw an expense for solo ads – something like 1500 or 2k. Now it looks like that has been removed. Or maybe it was my imagination.

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