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Episode 310

If you’re an Internet marketer at some point you’re going to need professional artwork created. Of course, you could pop over to Fiverr and get some mediocre work done, but is that really the image you want to portray to your customers? I hope not.

Cheryl Johnson is on the show today to talk about the importance of using quality artwork for your marketing, and how you can get it much easier by using her Art Outsourcing Made Easy course.

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Watch the show below:

  • January 29, 2014
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Jeff B. - January 29, 2014

What a refreshing interview! Cheryl has a wonderfully effervescent personality as well as the perfect background to put a product like this together.
With my past graphics experience, I understand how the lack of descriptive communication skills can get you a product that looks nothing like you wanted.
I will be in a dentist chair at 11AM tomorrow, but will try to click the buy button early in the afternoon, or you can put one aside for me! –Jeff

    Mike From Maine - January 30, 2014


    Glad you enjoyed it. Cheryl is a real expert when it comes to art outsourcing, and she’s put together a product that is worth MUCH MORE than she’s asking.

    Have “fun” at the dentist tomorrow 🙂

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