Income Report for July, 2014 – Record Month for 2014

28,111 page views   (-164 from June)

14,750 Youtube channel views  (+1,545 from June)

105,185 minutes watched (+8,728 from June)

Aweber subscribers: 5,791 (-1,634 subscribers from June…I deleted people who hadn’t opened an email in 3 months)

GetResponse subscribers:  2,092 (-1,086 subscribers from June…I also deleted people who hadn’t opened in 3 months from here)

Total email list subscribers: 7,883


Funnel Vision – Social Media Edition (CLOSED): $99.95 – A course from Ben Adkins about creating a profitable funnel from Facebook traffic

Aweber: $69 – This is my list building software that allows me to email everyone when there’s a new interview

Vimeo: $59.95

Skype: $50 for premium

GetResponse: $45 – This is the autoresponder I use for my buyer’s list and solo ads

oDesk Virtual Assistants: $39.59 – I have some workers helping me with daily tasks that don’t need me. I’m trying to outsource more and more daily.

Traffic Planet Hosting: $24.99 – The hosting account that I recently switched to. It’s super fast and I’m very happy with it.

Resell Rights Weekly: $19.95 – Reoccurring membership fee for the bonuses I add from my interviews and reviews

Facebook ads: $18.01

Click Magick: $17 – The awesome tool I use for tracking clicks, optins, and sales

WuFoo: $14.95

JVZoo Fees: $1.70

Total expenses: $460.09 (+$207.05 compared to June)


Instant Profit Silos: $941.96 from review and interview with Mark Bishop

Sales Automation Engine (CLOSED): $620.74 from review and interview with Olusegun Balogun

Zamurai Video Bootcamp: $612.96 from review and interview with Joshua Zamora

Easy Auto Tube (CLOSED): $605.87 from review and presell video

Offer Funnel (CLOSED): $438 from review and interview with Neil Napier

Retargeting Rebellion (CLOSED): $420.75 from review and interview with Gavin and Jake

Digital Product Machine (CLOSED): $408.04 from review and interview with Alex Jeffreys

Social Post Suite: $354.02 from review and interview with Eva Maria

WP Aviari (CLOSED): $300.13 from review and interview with Vas Blagodarskiy

Video Nova: $293.72 from review and interview with JF Garsula

Kindle Money Mastery: $281.94 from review and interview with Stefan Pylarinos

Super Easy Cash Machine (CLOSED): $268.11 from review and interview with Branden Pierce

Cray-Z E-Z Profits (CLOSED): $233.24 from review and interview with Fergal Downes

Solo Profits Blueprint (CLOSED): $205.65 from review and interview with James Canzanella

Video Maker FX: $186.20 from review and interview with Peter Roszak

My Marketing Results: $160.08 from review and presell video

Tee Cash Kit (CLOSED): $155.40 from review and interview with Nishant Bhardwaj

Rapid Content Wizard (CLOSED): $154 from review and interview with Sean Donahoe

CPA Evolution (CLOSED): $148.50 from review and interview with William Souza

Vid Infusion (CLOSED): $130.50 from review and interview with Josh Ratta

Fresh Bundle Master: $131.71 from review and interview with Carey Baird

Funnel Factories: $114.95 from review and interview with Barry Rodgers

EasyBay Pro: $95.61 from review and interview with Chris Guthrie

Covert Shirt Store: $93.40 from review and interview with Cindy Battye

Hero Tower (CLOSED): $80.50 from review and interview with Ross Carrel

Creative Post: $79.22 from review and interview with Guillermo Mata

Social Mobi Deals (CLOSED): $77.68 from review and interview with Karthik Ramani

30 Days to a Successful Info Business (CLOSED): $57.57 from review and interview with Sean Mize

Ad Factory: $55.54 from review and interview with Russ Schneider

MemberSonic Theme 2.0: $54.85 from review and interview with Andrew Hunter

Easy List Machine (CLOSED): $54 from review and interview with Glen Kirkham

AMZ Early Bird Commissions (CLOSED): $54 from review and interview with Rob Tierney

IMNow Webinar (CLOSED): $48.50 from review and interview with Keith Lynch

Video Jeet: $45.50 from review and interview with Cyril “Jeet” Gupta

Niche Synergy: $38.98 from interview and review with Mark Bishop

Arbitrage Underdog: $37 from interview with Tom E and review

Kindle Sales Rank Superhero: $32.22 from review and interview with Mike Balmaceda

TreasureCoach Linkedin (CLOSED): $31 from review and interview with Maksym V.

Solo Ad Professor: $27.93 from review and interview with Paul Nicholls

List Generator System (CLOSED): $23.76 from interview with Jason Fulton

Tee Profit Punch (CLOSED): $21.20 from review and interview with Travis Petelle

Video Traffic System (CLOSED): $19.23 from review and interview with Brad Scott

FB Fever: $17 from review and interview with AJ Montoya

Local Lead Alternator: $13.50 from review and interview with Ivana Bosnjak

Kindle Marketing Magic: $12.97 from review and interview with Mike Balmaceda

 Video Ranking Machine: $10.20 from review and interview with Ray Lane

SEO Enigma Reloaded: $10.20 from review and interview with Jon Shawcross

Publicity Zoo course (CLOSED): $9.87 from interview with Dan Page

Five Minute Sales Letters (CLOSED): $8.76 from review and interview with Matt Cook

Laptop Laziness: $8.67 from review and interview with Bill Hugall

Fiverr Untapped: $6.05 from review and interview with John Shea

Youtube Quick Cash (CLOSED): $6.05 from review and interview with James Knight

Inner Circle Solo Ads 3.0 (CLOSED): $4.50 from interview with Rob Stafford

Total revenue from interviews: $8,301.93 (-$2,763.52 from June)


Private Coaching students: $3,994 – In this program I teach how to make money from affiliate marketing, list building, and product creation. I’m slowly accepting new students so if you’re interested in learning my secrets to making money online then APPLY HERE.

PLR Assassin: $86.49 – This is a website that has a ton of products that you can use as your own

Fiverr Secrets: $34– My product showing how I make about $500/month in extra income on Fiverr

Kindle earnings: $30.02

Long Tail Pro: $7.66 from interview with Spencer Haws

Warrior Jet Connect plugin (CLOSED): $7.33

Total from OTHER streams of income: $4,159.50 (+$3,587.90 from June)

Total Revenue: $12,461.43 (+$824.38 from June)

Total Profit: $12,001.34 (+$617.33 from June)

So it’s a new record! July was officially the BEST month of profits I’ve ever made from doing the Mike From Maine Show. With the combined income from interviews, reviews, and coaching, I was able to beat my best month (March) by $594.09 🙂

Here’s a list of past income reports from 2014 below:




April: $10,569.20


June: $11,384.01

July: $12,001.34

My all time best income report is still $13,155.67 from July, 2012, but that’s from a time when I was using a different income model from building Adsense niche sites (which I don’t do anymore since Google slapped me).

The funny thing is that I thought this was going to be a bad month for me. Traditionally Summer months can be a bit slow for Internet marketers as most of our customers are off on vacation and spending more time outside. Heck, even I spent a week on the coast of Turkey this month with my wife.

My affiliate income took a bit of a hit in July, but I made up for it by signing up two new students to my Elite Coaching program. That helped to balance out my income a bit, and I’m finding that I have a passion to teach. Getting results for myself is great and all, but there’s nothing like seeing someone who has been struggling online for years finally “get it” and make progress. I love it!

What did I do in July?

I finally put together a product explaining exactly how I make around $278/day online. I’ve been releasing it sneakily to a few people who can find it, but I won’t be doing a full launch of it until September when I’ve had the time to add some value-added upsells to it and test out conversions with solo ads.

What’s the product all about?

It teaches my 12-Step Blueprint that is responsible for my success. It goes over EXACTLY what I’ve done to build up my business so that you can copy it too.

I’ll also be including additional training on creating videos to promote affiliate offers and list building.

Now it’s YOUR turn. Is there anything that you want me to cover specifically in the course?
Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to cover EVERYTHING I CAN inside the course.

Oh, and here are some pictures from July 🙂

On the beach with my wife in Cesme, Turkey
They've finally started importing one of my favorite beers to Turkey!
They’ve finally started importing one of my favorite beers to Turkey!
My wife's uncle's new baby...and a turtle :-)
My wife’s uncle’s new baby…and a turtle 🙂
Eating street food in's an intestine sandwich with a salty yogurt drink...haha, yes, I know it sounds disgusting...but it's really delicious :-)
Eating street food in Istanbul….it’s an intestine sandwich with a salty yogurt drink…haha, yes, I know it sounds disgusting…but it’s really delicious 🙂
  1. Thanks for sharing Mike. It’s really a big motivation and inspiration for guys like me that are still working towards making steady income online.

    1. Thanks, Neels. That’s exactly why I post these…to motivate others and show that success doesn’t happen all at once…it takes time.

    1. Thanks, Joshua. It’s a good feeling to be making $10,000 more than I was making last July 🙂

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