How James Knight makes money creating little affiliate videos on Youtube


Episode 298

Making money on Youtube isn’t that difficult, but that doesn’t mean you can be LAZY about it. If you put in a bit of creativity and leverage the traffic then you can make quite a good side income.

James Knight is on the show today to talk about some of the methods he’s been using to be successful and his Youtube Quick Cash course that’s coming out Wednesday, January 15th at 10am EST.

 Watch the show below:[leadplayer_vid id=”52D5B55B1FE75″]

  1. Hi Mike

    I started to watch your interview with James which as always try’s to maintain a balanced view on the product being sold.

    Unfortunately James lost me when he was explaining how he had a business earning him $6000 a DAY and billboards costing $2000 to rent etc etc.
    I did not watch any more as I immediately wondered why James did not just continue with a business that was already producing so much for him.

    I may well come back and watch the rest but James needs to be careful how he advertizes himself, so’s not to put people into the BS zone and walk away.

    Just my take and keep up the good work Mike.


    1. Hi Grahame,

      Thanks For the great question! 🙂

      Sure keep in mind, that was when i had my Surf Shop and i was living in the Florida Keys full time. I promoted my business very hard and even had clowns out with signs that would wave to people driving down the highway.

      At the time I rented the whole building . On one side i had the Subway and the other sides I had a ice cream shop (Edy’s Ice cream and Yogurt) , Smoothie Store (Jamanji Juice), Sunglasses Store and a Upscale Clothing Store (Island Ragz) Clothing)

      I ran that business for 10 years before i sold it for a lot of money.

      What I was trying to mention is that you have to have the proper mindset. I got this from my father when i was growing up. I learned to take massive action and maintain focus in all my businesses.

      Now one of the reasons I stick with the internet is because of the profit margin. There is no rent, it has low labor, low start up cost and it is a easy business to manage. You can create a YouTube Marketing Business which I show my own methods (YouTube Quick Cash) on how to create a huge email list that you can live off and create a nice income for you and your family!

      I have taken the same motivation and passion and I am now having great success in the internet marketing.

      The businesses (a few years ago) that i had at the time was in the Florida Keys in Marathon right next to the airport.

      I want to leave you with this if you focus and take action you can be very successful in this business! 🙂


  2. How is this program similar to/different than the “Fast YouTube Cash” program that is released today?

  3. If James Knight is such a big shot, why doesn’t he pay his affiliates? I’d stay as far away from him or anything he touches.

    1. Me too, he didn’t pay me after many messages on Jvzoo, he did’t even respond, does anyone knows his email or Skype to contact him directly?

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