How Stefan Pylarinos makes almost $10,000 per month on Kindle

Episode 436

kindle money masteryI’ve been saving this interview for a while now. Why? This is one of the methods that I took out for a test ride. That’s right. I went through the course, took action, and made money! See my screenshot below: kindle2       Yes, I know $70 might not seem like a lot to you, but the way Kindle Amazon works is that this is now an ASSET. It will keep working for me and making me money for the rest of my life! How’s THAT for passive income?

Today on the show Stefan Pylarinos is going to talk about how he’s used the exact method I used to create a residual income of almost $10,000 from Kindle Amazon with his Kindle Money Mastery course.

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Watch the show below:

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  1. Wow great one Mike and Stefan! Going to check out this Kindle course tomorrow for sure.

    1. Nick,

      Glad you enjoyed it. Stefan has done and EXCELLENT job with this product.

    1. Chris,

      I believe it was around 3 months. I paid around $55 to get the book written and promoted. So now everything else that the book makes for the rest of my life is pure gravy.

    1. Hi there, I notice your original post was printed over a year ago. Has that book continued to earn you money, and if so, I’d be interested to know how much?

      1. Louise,

        Yeah, I’m not rich off it, but it makes me about $5/month. Not bad for passive income.

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