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Episode 181

List building can be really expensive. Sure, you can use solo ads to build your list, but if you’re not doing it the right way you’ll be throwing away THOUSANDS of dollars in potential affiliate commissions each and every time you mail. Jason Fulton is on the show today to talk about his List Generator System that allows you to build a list AND profit from it at the same time.

Watch the show below: Duration: 21:27

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List Generator System (CLOSED): Jason’s method of making a profit while list building

  1. Hi Mike “You Did It Again” my friend!

    Talk about sharing some golden nuggets here you have rocked it this time mate.

    I here a lot of talk about solo ads having a lot of scammers out there these days & that most of them have burned out lists so that when you purchase a solo you end getting no response what so ever.

    Yes I have too experienced some pretty shocking results myself but what people have to remember is that list building and email marketing is a “LONG TERM GAME” and not just a “SHORT TERM GAME”.

    Sure you want to make a many sales as you can as soon as someone opts into your list so you can add them to a buyers list and try to up-sell them further down your sales funnel.

    But I know some of my subscribers don’t even open my emails for the first days or even weeks sometimes.


    Who knows?

    But it’s up to YOU as an individual to create a strong sales funnel so that you know you can at least get the most “BURNED OUT” of subscribers who have been passed around from list to list to get on your side because you show in your emails that you aren’t like most promo crazy marketers out there who are just trying to force open their wallets.

    There are just so many opportunities out there for list builders that it seems a real shame that most of them don’t spend a few short days coming up with ways of at least providing some value for their subscribers.

    Great job guys and keep up the good work!

    [email protected]

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