[Review] How to use giveaways to build a list, make money, and sell your products

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  1. Hey Mike – thanks for your review! I watched it and would just like to comment for your readers about my crow

    In my product I talk about the technique of aiming for a high goal in some campaigns and it may look like your 10K goal isn’t being fulfilled but you still are able to receive over 200 per book launch. I received 600 for my one book that I was telling you I was going to launch, which is a book about “How to Write Books”. That hasn’t been published. It may not seem as if a high goal was accomplished, but with NO marketing I was able to receive $600 right on IndieGoGo which is enough to pay for 3 books+.

    I’ve done crowdfunding campaigns on KickStarter and other successful, smaller campaigns with my writing team on IndieGoGo that are either under pen names or not under my name. I did that specific crowdfunding one to show results under my name ONLY so there would be no questions about whether it works or not. I hope that clears it up! Thanks again Mike!

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