How to get #1 rankings in Youtube…with a click of a few buttons – with Cyril “Jeet” Gupta


Episode 299

If you’ve ever tried to get videos to rank on Youtube then you know that it takes a bit of research…or a lot of luck. However, today expert Youtube marketer, Cyril Gupta, will teach us about some tactics that will get your videos to the #1 spot on Youtube with the help his Tuberank Jeet software. I’ve also got a live demo for you at the end of the interview so you can see his software IN ACTION.

Watch the show below: [leadplayer_vid id=”52D7014CCBE4F”]

Watch the TubeRank Jeet Demo



  1. Another AWESOME Jeet product!! 🙂 I am getting results with the other Jeet products, so I am going to buy this one also. 🙂 Thanks Mike and Cyril.

    1. Sarah,

      Cyril puts out great stuff…that’s why I keep having him back on the show 🙂

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