How David Eisner Made $8,368.50 And Put Over 600 Buyers On His List


Episode 289

There’s nothing better than both making money AND adding leads to your email list.

David Eisner is on the show today to talk about his Dual Action Affiliate Profits course where he shows EXACTLY how he did it….and it’s only $1.

Watch the show below
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Dual Action Affiliate Profits Bonus!

I’ve decided to offer a bonus if you buy through my link. Just email your receipt to [email protected] and I’ll send over the following bonuses:

BONUS #1: PPC Traffic & Profits Machine
Get Highly Targeted Buyers & Hot Leads To Any Site Using This Pro Marketers Strategy

BONUS #2: Amazing Adwords Attack
Get More Traffic With Adwords Easily!

BONUS #3: Warrior Forum Road Map to Riches
This Is Hands Down The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Make Money Online! Get These Insider Secrets For Free Instantly!

BONUS #4: Mentoring Cash Unleashed
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  1. i have no website and i have tried soooooo many of these things , and its all crap. is this for real, tired of systems that do not work , spend sooo much money on this crap that it is hard to even listen to this.

    1. Travis,

      You’re right, there is a lot of “crap” out there. I’ve personally gone through David’s course and it’s DEFINITELY worth a $1…it’s actually too cheap in my opinion.

  2. Hi Mike
    have you tried this one ? I have not used it yet or any of the other 2-3 that we bought (no i do not want refunds unless pure crapola one should be able to glean a few nuggets.)
    I have been buying and flipping since 2002 and at 10x cost (plus)
    It all seems like hype on these list building dreams.
    The fiverr thing of yours might be at least fun to try.
    but all the work you are doing for a couple of grand a month seems like spinning ones wheels.
    Back when you were building sites was the way to go! except the domain names they picked were pigeon shit so only sold as a website for less than we sell a bottom of the line .com longtail.
    Mike invest some of that profit in some good .com names instead of junk solo ads with dudes mooching for free shit.
    buy .com 4-5 LLL (radio – tv like or ect) and your bottom line will be back at 4000 -10000 plus a month like before the google hit .

    1. Ted,

      Yes, I went through David’s course and I really enjoyed it. He’s a smart marketer.

      Thanks for the advice about domains…how much are you making with this strategy?

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