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Episode 270

Cracking the whole “make money online” code isn’t easy. I mean, I’ve personally had my own ups and downs over the last seven years with successes and failures. But I can still remember what it’s like to get started and with so many possibilities it’s hard to know where to start.

Ivan Rendulic is on the show today to talk about his My Income Revolution Academy program that works as a shortcut for people just getting started online.

Watch the show below: Duration:  17:30
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My Income Revolution Academy (CLOSED) – Ivan’s program to help you making your first commissions online

  1. Hey Mike,
    Great interview.
    You have not hesitated to make “uncomfortable” questions to Ivan and the result was an excellent review of his product.
    You have acted very professionally.
    Maybe you could have gone a bit deeper on MLMish aspects of the offer, but anyways the review has been very useful.

    1. Robert,

      I felt that I needed to drill a bit in here, and I’m glad you appreciated it.

      Thanks for watching!

  2. Yes. Empower sells nothing. No product or service. It is pure pyramid scam bound to be shut down.

    1. Jonny,

      Yeah, I’m also not a fan of Empower Network. I would NEVER tell anyone in my audience to join it. Thanks for your input 🙂

  3. Thanks for the interview Mike. It clarified a few things that are not on Ivan’s sales page which only mentions the $20 per month membership.
    It sounds like his version of Empower!
    I know this is marketing, but there always seems like an element of deception in these deals- I have to buy in before I get to find out what the real cost is going to be. It does not sit comfortably with me and I can think of a number of examples where these tactics are used. Is entrepreneur another name for trickster, sneak, conman? I hope not!

    1. Red,

      You’re right…it’s a very similar system…and that’s something we discuss in the interview.

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