How to use Google Plus to send a FLOOD of traffic to your websites


Episode 309

So it seems like these days everyone is talking about getting traffic from Facebook, and rightly so, as there’s a lot of opportunity there. However, it seems like so many of us have forgotten about Google’s social network: Google Plus.

And what’s the best thing about traffic from Google Plus? It’s FREE.

Mark Thompson is on the show today to share the results that he’s had with using a simple strategy to drive thousands of visitors from Google Plus to his websites. He’ll also be talking about his new course Social Traffic Storm.

Watch the show below: [leadplayer_vid id=”52E82ACC5FFE7″]

  1. hi mike i do blogs on blogger then i share them with google using plus and i rank on the page one it’s awsome

    1. Dennis,

      Interesting strategy. It goes to show you that Google favors it’s own products.

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