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Episode 214

Who’s on the show? Vinny Boccalino

I gotta be honest with you here…when I first saw Vinny’s sales page I wasn’t impressed. It just seemed a bit messy and it didn’t really peak my interest. But, a friend of mine, Joseph Rodrigues, recommended that I don’t read this book by it’s cover. So I checked it out. And I’m glad I did.

Why? Well, I’ve made almost $200 so far with about an hour of work. Pretty sweet, eh? Check it out:

My sales with Simple Novice Profits

My sales with Simple Novice Profits

The great thing is that I got Vinny to scrap the ugly sales page and make a special one just for you guys…with a DISCOUNT!

And about halfway through this interview Vinny was being a bit vague about the method, but after some quick convincing he lays it ALL on the table.

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Simple Novice Profits (affiliate)- Vinny’s course that teaches you how to make money the REAL way

  • August 29, 2013
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