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Episode 214

Who’s on the show? Vinny Boccalino

I gotta be honest with you here…when I first saw Vinny’s sales page I wasn’t impressed. It just seemed a bit messy and it didn’t really peak my interest. But, a friend of mine, Joseph Rodrigues, recommended that I don’t read this book by it’s cover. So I checked it out. And I’m glad I did.

Why? Well, I’ve made almost $200 so far with about an hour of work. Pretty sweet, eh? Check it out:

My sales with Simple Novice Profits
My sales with Simple Novice Profits

The great thing is that I got Vinny to scrap the ugly sales page and make a special one just for you guys…with a DISCOUNT!

And about halfway through this interview Vinny was being a bit vague about the method, but after some quick convincing he lays it ALL on the table.

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Simple Novice Profits (affiliate)- Vinny’s course that teaches you how to make money the REAL way

  1. I am reading Vinny’s free report on this method and this is golden! I’m surprised I didn’t think of this one myself using the platforms mentioned in the guide. I actually could see this free report doing really well for a freebie giveaway with solo ads offering the full product on the back end. It’s got me thinking about firing up my squeeze page again to try a solo ad with.

      1. I bought it through your page Mike, I am going to spend AT LEAST 5 hours this weekend and go through all of Vinny’s material and see what I can get going. I had some ideas for making a profit using a similar method but it would have an upfront cost. I like this method a lot more. I’ll shoot you an e-mail mid next week with what I came up with.

        P.S. I also have scheduled some good interview guests for my show, just scheduled John Lee Dumas and Andrew Warner. I’m pumped to interview them.

        1. Thanks, buddy.

          Those are some great guests you’ve got. What are you going to ask them that they haven’t been asked a million times before? 🙂

  2. Hey Mike, this is the best interview you have done so far! It’s so real, like a regular conversation with a friend. There was some tension but it kept me engaged which was great 🙂

    I went through about 25% of Vinny’s course so far. I am looking forward to doing the rest! His course is based on his own experience, there is no fluff in there. It’s very information dense and he is very good at arbitrage.

    I also spent some time talking to him about some of his other arbitrage methods, this guy knows his stuff and he lays out everything any beginner would need to get started.

    His course is a great starting point for a novice, honestly the best I’ve seen for a novice to get started in building an online business. It’s down to earth and real. He is direct and to the point with no ego which is very refreshing 🙂

    The best part is that his course teaches methods that can be scaled into a full-time businesses and once customized and applied to different niches.
    All someone needs to be successful in his course is to stay focused and do it according to plan.

      1. Hello, that is good to hear. I bought the program and it seems to be a bargain. I am an eBayer. Did you start a new ebay account like Vinny suggested?? Did you do recipes too??

        We talked briefly in May?? I am in Green Bay, WI.
        I have listened to most of your shows and I think they are great.

        Kenneth Smith

        1. Kenneth,

          Yes, I started with a brand new eBay account and I’m selling recipes to build up my eBay profile.

          Thanks for listening…really appreciate it.

  3. Props to Mike and Vinny as well. I really appreciated how genuine Vinny is. Seems like a real down to earth and simple guy who is now making serious income online. Awesome stuff 🙂

  4. Hey Mike, Are you still making money with this? Do you really think this can be scaled up to a full-time income or get saturated?


    1. Adam,

      Yes, it’s really one of my favorite methods that I’ve come across. If you can be a bit creative then there’s a lot of money to make.

  5. What a refreshing vid. No egos, no bragging, no lamborghinis with a relatively straightforward method that you can actually build into a business. Most courses are like a 20 year old jigsaw, your guaranteed of pieces missing that while its only a few its just not complete. Good work getting getting Vinny to open up and not making it sound like a slick sales pitch which is the norm.

    1. Thanks, Rich, this is one of my favorite interviews that I’ve done, as we were really able to get down to the bare truths.

      Thanks for watching!

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