Income Report for October, 2013 – Flying Solo

15,494 page views (+5,422  from September)

1,493 iTunes downloads (-401 from September)

8,508 Youtube channel views  (+1,702 from September)

61,693 minutes watched (+5,510 from September)

Aweber subscribers:  4,588 (-5 subscribers from September)

GetResponse subscribers: 1,686 (+1,432 subscribers from September)

Twitter followers:  5,731 (+55 followers from September)

Facebook Fans: 593 (+85 from September)



Libsyn: $75 – I host my podcast with this so I can put it on iTunes

Aweber: $49 – This is my list building software that allows me to email everyone when there’s a new interview

GetResponse: $15 – This is the autoresponder I use for my buyer’s list and solo ads

Hello Bar: $5

Skype: $10 for premium

Storm on Demand Liquid Web Hosting: $60

Safe Swaps: $29.99 – A place to do ad swaps without having to worry about getting ripped-off (to an extent)

Fiverr: $225 – This is where I get a lot of my work done very inexpensively

eBay: $29.10 (fees for eBay arbitrage)

Vagex: $10 – A tool for increasing your Youtube video rankings

Facebook Ads: $6.99 – I did a Facebook promoted post

Yesware: $5

GoDaddy: $5.51

Solo ads: $1,033

Perfect Audience: $75 (I deposited this much, but most of it is still remaining)

Thrive Content Builder: $35 -This is an AWESOME tool for creating sales pages…I’m going to try to interview it’s creator soon.


Total expenses: $1,668.59 (+$1,161.81 compared to September)



Lead Pages $197 from interview with Clay Collins

Simple Novice Profits (CLOSED): $162.84 from interview with Vinny Boccalino

LeadPlayer (CLOSED): $147 from interview with Clay Collins and links under interviews

Arbitrage Underdog: $145 from interview with Tom E and review

This Stuff Really Works: $135.74 from interview with James Holland

The Traffic Hack System (CLOSED): $111.82 from interview with Mike Marin

Kindle Bestseller Blueprint (CLOSED): $106.07 from interview with Miss Krizia

Guest Post Supremacy (CLOSED): $88.88 from interview with Radu Hahaianu

Hacking LinkedIn: $58.77 from interview with Garret Acott

Fortune Fiverr (CLOSED): $54 from interview with Ron Rule

Operation Solo: $53.91 from interview with Anthony Tilley

Inner Circle Solo Ads 3.0 (CLOSED): $46.29 from interview with Rob Stafford

The Four Hour System (CLOSED): $44.14 from interview with Anton Kraly

List Frenzy (CLOSED): $41.07 from interview with Andre Stoelinga and Daryl Austman

Video Marketer Software: $37.74 from interview with Ross Goldberg

Writing Life Histories: $36 from interview with Dennis Becker

Fiverr Euphoria: $35 from interview with Fergal Downes

Secret Millionaires Traffic Source: $34.86 from interview with Dave Gruber and Matt Bacak

FB Business Finder (CLOSED): $32.96 from interview with Neil Napier

Curation Soft 3.0: $32.40 from interview with Peter Lenkefi

Video Curation Pro: $31.02 from interview with Peter Drew

Covert Store Builder: $28.20 from interview with Cindy Battye

Simple Facebook Profits: $26.27 from interview with AJ Montoya

Clickbank Atlas: $21.30 from interview with Wyatt Jozwowski

Article Buddy Pro: $20.37 from interview with Radu Hahaianu

Viral Optins (CLOSED): $18.54 from interview with Wilco de Kreij

SEO Enigma (CLOSED): $18.47 from interview with Jon Shawcross

The Wise Old Email Gorilla: $17 from interview with Jimmy Wrex

MemberSonic Theme: $15 from interview with Andrew Hunter

Tube Takeover: $14.96 from interview with Joshua Zamora

Email Secret Weapon: $12.37 from interview with Matt Bacak

Azon Easy Cash (CLOSED): $10.94 from interview with Jeff Pettit

Azon Autopilot Traffic: $10.58 from interview with Derek Doepker

Coupon Book Method (CLOSED): $10.32 from interview with Denis Kampl

Niche Supremacy (CLOSED): $9.96 from interview with Radu Hahaianu

From Bust to Business: $9.81 from interview with Fergal Downes

WP Solo Tracker: $8.50 from interview with Steve Fleming

Savage Siphon (CLOSED): $8.50 from interview with Brian Anderson

CashBlurbs Formula (CLOSED): $7.48 from interview with Steven Jones

Magnetic Marketing (CLOSED): $7.19 from interview with Amanda Craven

Total revenue from interviews: $1,908.27 (+$228.93 from September)


Quick and Easy Cash Blueprint (CLOSED): $858 – My product showing the results I had using Vinny’s Simple Novice Profits .

Product Launch Confessions: $17

Kindle earnings: $7

Text link ads: $21.60– I make this income from an old website of mine.

Whoosh Traffic (CLOSED): $17.90 – A keyword tracker for monitoring multiple keyword rankings

SocialAdr: $5.60 – A hands-off way of getting more likes and tweets for your posts

Consulting: $239.95

Total from OTHER streams of income: $1,167.05 (+$518.33 from September)


Total Revenue: $3,075.32 (+$767.26 from September)


Total Profit: $1,406.73 (-$394.55 from September)


This month marks my HIGHEST total revenue ($3,075.32) since September, 2012. It seems like I’m doing SOMETHING right 🙂 But of course that isn’t all profit. After I deduct expenses my total profit comes down to $1,406.73 which is almost $400 LESS than September. And that’s OK. Why? Because I added over 1,400 new subscribers to my email list. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

A Success Story

Unfortunately, the product that I was selling on eBay got a HUGE price hike from my provider so it’s no longer possible for me to make a profit on it anymore…oh well, I’ll find a new one.

UPDATE: 11/20/13 Just found another service to sell and made my first sale!

And YES, it’s very possible. Not only is Vinny Boccalino making over $3,000 per month using this method described in his product Simple Novice Profits, but one of my students,  Martin Krivosija has already reported back to me that he’s made MULTIPLE sales doing EXACTLY as I’ve laid out in my mini-course .

Check out his results here:

While arbitrage is fun and all, it’s not my passion. I don’t want to position myself in the market as an arbitrage expert…that’s Vinny Boccalino’s arena.  So, if not this then what? Solo ads.

In order to be an expert at anything you need to be ACTUALLY doing it day in and day out. So, what am I doing? I’m buying a ton of solo ads. Why? Because I’ve seen a correlation between the amount of subscribers on my list and the amount of income generated….but don’t take my word for it, let’s check out the numbers below.

I started recording the number of subscribers I had on my list in December, 2012, so I’ll start from there:

on list
IncomeIncome per
per month
December, 20122,212$1,398.03$.63
January, 20132,086$1,687.66$.81
February, 20132,001$1,440.56$.72
March, 20134,042$1,938.34$.48
April, 20133,992$2,972.35$.74
May, 20134,057$2,687.27$.66
June, 20133,023$2,950.63$.98
July, 20134,491$2,972.05$.66
August, 20135,031$2,455.60$.49
September, 20134,847$2,308.36$.48
October, 20136,274$3,075.32$.50


According to my results, I’m making between $.48 to $.98 per subscriber on my email list per month. If this correlation holds true, all I need to do is increase my email list to 10,000 subscribers to be making $5,000 per month. So the key here is to REINVEST as much income as I can BACK into my business…which I started doing in October. How much did I reinvest?


If you go to my solo ad directory and scroll down to the chart for October, 2013 you’ll see all the details for my solo ad buys for the month. Currently I’m releasing all of my solo ad results for free, but in the future I’m may release my own results as a product for sale…but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

So, I invested $1,003 BACK into my business. The great thing is that I was actually able to make some money back IMMEDIATELY. Thus, I’d like to present to you:

The Magic of Solo Ads

Ok, why are they so magical? Let’s take a look at the numbers from my solo ad buys in October:

October, 2013 Solo Ad Results

Total spent on solo ads: $1,003
Total made back from OTOs: $257
Total subscribers added: 1,156
Cost Per Subscriber: $.65

You can see that I spent a total of $1,003. You can also see that I made back $257 from OTOs (One Time Offers) immediately. That means that these solo ads ACTUALLY cost $746. From that spending I added 1,156 new subscribers to my mailing list, thus equaling a total cost of $.65 per new subscriber added to my list.

$.65 per new subscriber. Is that good? Is that bad? In my opinion, it’s neither. My goal is to bring that average number down to $.20-$.50 per new subscriber. I KNOW I can do it, but it’s going to take some tweaking of my sales funnel…but again, I’m getting ahead of myself.

So I’ve added 1,156 new subscribers to my list…so what does that mean income-wise? If we consult the chart above it should mean $.50-$.98 income per month per subscriber. Thus, $578 to $1,132.88 increased income on my revenue report for next month. Of course that’s in a perfect world. We should also take into account that every time you email a list a small percentage unsubscribes. Also, when people sign up for a list there are going to be some fake emails, so I’m going to bring that number down to 1,100 for argument’s sake. I also think that $.50 to $.98 per subscriber is a bit high. Let’s reduce that number down to $.30 per subscriber per month and look at the numbers.

At $.30 per subscriber per month, and 1,100 new subscribers added, I’ve added a $330 per month to my income.  I spent $746 to add that extra income, so in three months time I’ll be in profit…and that’s with exaggerated calculations.

If these numbers hold true, then it only makes sense to keep reinvesting my profits BACK into my list building efforts.

In the next couple weeks I’ll be prereleasing a product that I’ve been working on for a while with interviews with EXPERT solo ad sellers. I’ve already learned a TON from them, but I’m excited to share their knowledge with you so that we can all gain from their success.

That’s it for this month. As always I’d like to share some photos with you from my life in October:

The beach in Olympos, Turkey that my wife and I spent a week at in October






Some goats crossing the road 🙂














On the way to the beach

  1. Good to see you have made so much using Vinny’s methods. We have finished our “fine tuning” and are actually launching a free WSO report today and emailing out the existing members to join Simple Novice Profits 2.0. Let’s hope it does well 🙂

    Congrats on your highest month of earnings from doing your show 🙂

  2. I’ve been email marketing since 2011… mostly with CPA offers. I’ve read a lot about solo ads but never got around to trying it. I might give it a shot… looks interesting.

    Looking forward to more solo ad interviews…

  3. Congrats on all the progress Mike – good to know that things are going in the right direction!

    And with the solo ad progress, it could be time to interview Paul Nicholls again 🙂

    1. Trevor,

      Thanks for the support. I actually invited Paul on recently, but he’s not available at the moment.

      I had Rob Stafford on recently who also does a lot with solo ads…he also has a similar product to Paul’s.

  4. I see congrats are in order so congrats! You’re doing a great job. One small notice though… I’m only paying $25 at safe-swaps every month and I see you’re at $29.99 was wondering what is that

    1. Chris,

      Thanks for the “congrats”.

      I’m not sure why I was paying $4.99 more than you…perhaps you got in earlier than I did.

      That being said, I just cancelled my membership as I’m not currently using it. Thanks for the reminder 😉

  5. Hey Mike!

    Keep it up. Can’t wait to see you reach 10,000 subscribers. Solo ads were always interesting to me (It’s all in the list). Love to see a product on it in the near future from you. Cheers!

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