How to make up to $297 per customer SCAVENGING leads on Facebook – with Neil Napier


Episode 243

You probably have TONS of skills that you could sell to offline clients…the biggest problem for me has always been FINDING the clients to sell my services to….but not anymore.

Neil Napier is on the show today to talk about his FB Business Finder software that makes finding hungry customers a breeze.

Watch the show below: Duration: 17:45
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Stuff mentioned in the show

FB Business Finder (CLOSED)- Neil’s software that mines Facebook for profitable business leads

  1. Hello!

    How is Cash Blurbs Formula going for you?

    I really like the looks of Cash Blurbs Formula. I had been in just Cash Blurbs sometime ago and this looks to make it much better.

    I am looking to join with someone that is “making it happen” with CBF that I can work with instead of going it on my own!

    Look forward to hearing from you soon…

    Onward and Upward,


    [email protected]
    920-723-4137 * 10-10 CST = 11-11 EST = 4PM-4AM GMT
    Skype: dwayne.borchardt

    1. Hi Dwayne,

      I haven’t actually used Cash Blurbs Formula, but I did do an interview with its creator.

      Good luck with it!


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