How to do SEO that WORKS -with Jon Shawcross

How to do SEO that WORKS -with Jon Shawcross


Episode 244

There’s a lot of THEORY out there about what works with SEO. Depending on who you ask you’re going to get completely different answers about what’s actually working today. But you know what? Most of these guys blabbering on about what works and doesn’t HAVEN’T actually tested any of this themselves…and then there’s Jon Shawcross.

Jon is an SEO expert who walks the walk and talks the talk. Today he’ll be doing that talking on the show about his SEO Omega course that shows what’s ACTUALLY working with SEO for him and his clients.

Watch the show below: Duration:  29:27

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  • October 14, 2013
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Ger - October 14, 2013

Simple, “there is nothing specific off the top of my head”.

Q – How many key words are you currently targeting for your clients……
of those how many are ranking on the first position of the
first page…..second,…..third,…..fourth……..

The great thing about this art/science is that it is absolutely measurable!

Why is everyone pre-selling shit they haven’t built?

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