Clickbank Atlas Review with Wyatt Jozwowski

How a 17-year-old makes over $100 per day with a simple copy and paste method – with Wyatt Jozwowski


Episode 203

Yeah, I know it sounds a bit too-good-too-be-true, but after interviewing Wyatt and taking a look at the product, it seems very legitimate. His method isn’t rocket science, but it combines a lot of sound online marketing tactics into ONE to create a powerful method with his Clickbank Atlas course.

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Clickbank Atlas (CLOSED)- Wyatt’s course on making money with Clickbank and Youtube

  • August 12, 2013
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SC - August 20, 2013

I don’t understand why Wyatt exposes what he is promoting in the Atlas course and his Youtube channel. I’d be surprised if those fake Fiverr girl videos last another 2-months before they get flagged for spam and taken down.

I realize he is young and probably just thinking about the Atlas launch $$ but it doesn’t seem worth the risk.

    Mike From Maine - August 20, 2013

    Hi SC,

    I think that he probably has many other Youtube channels. Most people doing Youtube marketing have a bunch of channels just in case one of them gets flagged and taken down.

    Chris Lockwood - August 25, 2013

    If he didn’t show some examples, people would criticize him for that. Can’t please everyone.

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    lEONEL - September 28, 2013

    but is it 176.25 dollars in the process of applying this method, or about the affiliate program?

      Mike From Maine - September 28, 2013


      I think you’re referring to my earnings as an affiliate. I have not applied Wyatt’s method. I have however applied Vinny’s method and made money with it

        leonel - September 28, 2013

        yes I was referring to your earnings as an affiliate..
        ok..I think it is great about the Vinny ‘s method but my question is
        what is this 176.25 dollars earning so, if it is not about the application of Wyatt”s method..I just discover your site and find your way very real…thank you

          Mike From Maine - September 28, 2013


          That is my earnings as an affiliate. If you buy his product through my link I get an affiliate commission for it. That’s why it says “affiliate” next to the link.

          Thanks for watching and commenting.

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