How to magnetically attract leads, customers, and subscribers – with Amanda Craven


Episode 212

Who’s on the show? Amanda Craven

What’s the product? Magnetic Marketing

What does it do? If you don’t have customers then you don’t have jack. Amanda’s course will have customers banging down your door to give you their money…but only if you put the work in first.

What’s the end result? Leads for your business

Watch the show below: Duration: 35:47
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Stuff mentioned in the show

Magnetic Marketing (CLOSED)- Amanda’s course that teaches you how to have leads come to you

  1. Llevo bastante tiempo, aparte de… pensando que si lo uno equivale a lo otro, lo otro deberia equivaler a lo uno.
    Otro tema seria, en que frecuencia se podria transmitir, y quien condiciona esa frecuencia, es complicado, pero no es una locura, creo yo. Saludos

  2. hey Amanda

    You have an interesting approach to attraction marketing — and your course sounds appealing…

    Is there a reason why it’s on WarriorForum, and not onto a stand alone site?

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