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Episode 252

If you’re anything like me you HATE writing article after article for your websites. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that would do it for you? Well there is!

Radu Hahaianu is on the show today to talk about his Article Buddy software that creates 100% unique, Copyscape-passing content. It even pulls content from Youtube videos!

Watch the show below: Duration:  10:46
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Article Buddy (affiliate)- Radu’s software that creates 100% unique content for your blogs and backlinks

Radu’s previous interview

  1. hey guys

    Haven’t watched the video yet, as I’m having some issues to handle yet

    Anyway, I checked the software page, and was interesting to see Todd Gross there, explaining about the tool… he’s a funny guy — just looking at the way he explains things on camera. I think he could be a great comedian.

    Did you know he was a weather guy? 🙂

    1. Yeah, Todd reminds me of one of the voices from the Simpsons…but he sure can sell some product!

      Yes, he’s the weather guy that was played by someone in A Perfect Storm.

  2. I just bought Article Buddy Pro a few hours ago. Looking forward to trying it. I really hope it works for me. The product I bought from another company ( will not name ) unfortunately did not work with my blog so I searched for a replacement and came across Article Buddy. It should save me both Time and Money in content creation and SEO for my business

    1. Hey Eric,

      Thanks for buying through my link. I don’t mind you naming other products that don’t work as long as your comments are constructive and based on fact.

      Come back and let us know about your experience with Article Buddy.

  3. Guys about the article buddy, I have something to say. You see, article buddy claim that you can create 100% unique content with just a push of a button. Yep, it is true. However, if let say I push the button twice, They claim that they will produce two different version of the article but same on human eyes.

    I tried to check the similarity between 2 article at It say 0 percent uniqueness.

    However, when I published two article on the web with different domain, copyscape claim it is 100% passed. It is kinda confuse. Does it really safe?

    1. Xelmex,

      Copyscape is the leader in the uniqueness industry. I would go by Copyscape’s score.

  4. I would agree that, but one question I want to ask is isn’t this practice feel like cloaking? It is like presenting different content to users and search engine. I am fairly new here, so a lot of stuff I would like to learn more.

    1. Xelmex,

      Of course this is gaming the system. The best way to do this is to write original content, but this is an option if you want to cheat.

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