Watch an information product get created from start to finish – with Trevor Dumbleton

Episode 187

Trevor Dumbleton has been on the show a few times already, and there’s a reason for that: he puts out GOOD products. He’s not one for hype or exaggerated claims as his products usually do one thing…and they do it well. He’s on today to talk about his Product Creation Master Class where you can actually watch him create a real product from start to finish.

Watch the show below: Duration: 31:04
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Product Creation Master Class (affiliate)- Watch Trevor create a product from start to finish

  1. Great interview Mike. One suggestion, balance the audio a bit better if possible 😀 You’re voice was 3x louder than his, was hard to listen to on headphones. great content though … thanks!

      1. I am a pretty new listener … so I have just going through the archives but all the other episodes so far have been ace !

  2. Enjoyed the interview guys. Heard both of you equally well.

    The graphically pretty salesletters do absolutely nothing for me.

    @Trevor — usual suspects!? Hmmph! 🙂

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