Episode 64: How to BOOST your Adsense income by over 300% in a week – with Sean Donahoe


On today’s Mike From Maine Show veteran online marketer Sean Donahoe comes back on to talk about how his new plugin, Adsense Firestorm, is able to increase your Adsense income by up to 300%. He also explains about the other benefits like protecting your Adsense account from getting click-bombed by malicious competitors.

Watch the show below: Duration: 28:27
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  1. Hi Mike ,
    I would use Adsense Firestorm to take my somewhat stale “wonder bread” site to new “firestorm” levels. You see I don’t have much time to devote to learning how to best utilize Adsense and I’m completely confused with Internet marketing at this point but I am coming up to speed by watching your great video interviews. I also have a few other “stale” adsense sites that could use some “fire” under their butts. Well, all the best and keep up the great interviews! Nick D.

    1. Nick,

      I think you’re right that it could be good to use on “stale” sites. But also remember that if the sites don’t at least have SOME traffic then it won’t make any difference. From what I understand it’s more of an optimizer and ad-blindness combatant than a traffic generator.

      Thanks for watching!

      1. Yes. that’s true. It will only work if you have a nice amount of traffic. So if you combine this with a wicked marketing method and create enough traffic to your website.


  2. Heey Mike,

    I have been following your shows since the beginning and I must confess that when I saw the title and description of the product I thought: “Another Adsense optimizer aoftware. Well, I have got that already. (CTRtheme).”. Anyway I proceded watching the show and boy oh boy what was I wrong. This is even better.

    I think the best feature of this plugin has got to be the fact that it is a PLUGIN, so I can basically use it on with any theme you want. This is a great option.
    Furthermore I noticed the clickbomb feature which is awesome. this way I know I won’t be banded or something.

    Well, I am currently building a website, which I will transform into an authority blog with a forum. (Nice tip from Sean about throwing content into the forums too, thanks). This plugin will come in very handy, because then I can easily insert the ads when the time is right. Produce great content and market it well.

    If I combine the power of Adsense firestorm with the Instagram marketing technique of CPA offers, a product featured on your show a while back, I think there is a huge potential.


    1. O’shane,

      I like your idea of combining the Instagram technique with Adsense Firestorm. You could really be diversifying your income with this.

    2. Just remember that creating a forum requires quite a bit of work.
      If you don’t have a large audience to “convert” to a forum it will take you a long time to get this up and running.
      Better to build a significant audience and then convert it into a forum.

      Love the fact that it is a plugin (which is cheaper than a Theme) and you can alter quite bit. Adsense remains a hit and miss per website but it does look goood!

      1. Ralph,

        I agree that a forum is a huge time investment. You should be willing to spend a lot of time in there answering people’s questions and getting it running.

        Nice point.

    1. Damn this is awesome. Has got to be one of the best Xmas gift this year. But I actually bought the normal version of it the same night.
      guess I should have waited. hahaha

      And enjoy the holidays.

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