Tomer Algrably Solo Ad Review

Here are the results* from a 200-click solo ad I bought from Tomer Algrably. You can find more reviews in my solo ad directory.

Clicks bought: 200
Clicks received: 202
Optins: 79
Optin percentage: 39%
Sales: 2
Cost Per Optin: $.71

You can buy a solo ad from Tomer Algrably at his website

Tomer Algrably

*These are the results from my squeeze page and sales funnel. Your results may vary from mine.

  1. any program you can recommend with very minimum startup costs-where I can profit at least $50.00/day within 10 days and scale from there.
    What are the added costs involved in making this work besides the $17.00.Any upsells-if so, how much ?
    Hope you’ll reply this time around Mr Mike ! ! !

    1. Wanda,

      I’m not sure what you’re mentioning when you say “Hope you’ll reply this time around” as the only communication I have from you is an email. And I responded 🙂

      $50 per day in 10 days? That’s going to be very difficult to do….probably impossible.

      However, I would suggest checking out this interview for something that has no start up costs:

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