Income Report for October, 2016 – A quick catch-up

Every month I publish an income report…why? Good question 🙂

1. Accountability

With all the shiny objects out there it’s easy to spend WAY more than you’re earning. Luckily I realized this early on and I’ve kept detailed records of my expenses ever since. That being said, I know that there are certain expenses that are NECESSARY when running a business. As much as I don’t want to pay for them, I need to pay for my email autoresponder, website hosting, and video hosting every month. It’s just a part of doing business. There are other things that I buy as well, but I try my best to keep my expenses SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than my revenue. If I can do that then I’m ahead of the game.

2. Integrity

On my show I ask my guests a lot of personal questions. One that frequently comes up is “How much do you make?”. I feel like I need to reveal my own income if I’m going to be asking others the same question. It only seems right.

3. Perspective

There are a lot of online marketers out there who fake-it-till-they-make-it. In other words, they fudge their numbers and exaggerate their earnings in order to establish false authority in their niche. My goal is that by watching my income grow slowly over time you’ll realize that there is no get-rich-quick button.


Here’s my results for October, 2016

31,141 website page views (+2,273 from September)

43,181 Youtube channel views (+11,344 from September)

261,934 Youtube minutes watched (+84,723 from September)

Facebook group members: 1,143 members (+543 from September)

Email subscribers: 22,378 (-231 subscribers from September)


Virtual assistant: $800 – I have an assistant help with all my promotions, including copywriting, scheduling, and posting.

Palms Hotel room: $684.94 –This is the hotel I stayed at in Las Vegas for the IM Marketing Summit event

Food and drink at IM Marketing event in Las Vegas: $599.95

Group Traffic Profit templates: $280.30 – Graphics for upcoming product launch in December

GoToWebinar: $199 – I use this for live webinars and training

Convert Kit: $179 – I’m testing out a new autoresponder as Aweber hasn’t been getting the delivery that I’m used to

IM Marketing event taxis: $150 – Taxis to and from the airport…and getting around during the event

Aweber: $130 – This is my list building software that allows me to email everyone when there’s a new interview or review

Paypal fees: $62.07

Internet: $50 – This is what I pay for my fiber Internet in Turkey

ZenDesk: $50 – Brett and I use this for our helpdesk for our launches

WP Recipe Maker: $39 – A plugin for my wife’s new cooking website

Monthly phone fees: $30

Jvzoo seller fees: $29.60

Food Blogger Pro: $29 – A course I purchased on setting up a food blog, something that I’m interested in

Wistia: $25 – This is how I host my sales videos and course content.

Resell Rights Weekly: $19.95 – Reoccurring membership fee for the bonuses I add from my interviews and reviews

Click Magick: $17 – This is one of my FAVORITE tools for tracking links.

Audible: $14.95 – Business books to further my education

GoDaddy: $12.17 – I bought a domain name for my wife’s new cooking show

iCloud: $9.99 – I use this to store my documents online

Skype: $9.99 for premium – I do all my interviews with Skype and Ecamm call recorder on a Mac.

Amazon S3: $7.25 – I use this to host images and videos

Vault Press: $5 – A quick and easy tool that I use to backup my website


Total expenses: $3,434.16 (+$2,505.34 spent compared to September)


Elementio: $4,455 from review and interview with Declan MC

Viral Loop: $3,158.84 from review and interview with Cindy Donovan

Commission Cartel: $2,368.88 from review and interview with Michael Cheney

Video Jeet 2.0: $2,259.27 from review and interview with Cyril “Jeet” Gupta

Vidicle: $2,165.66 from review and interview with Andy Brocklehurst

Turnkey Profit Machines: $1,885.20 from review and interview with Stefan Ciancio

Profit Renegade: $1,388.86 from review and interview with Joshua Zamora

Bolt Publisher: $1,233.72 from review and interview with Justin Burns

InstaEasy: $1,206.50 from review and interview with Luke Maguire

Keyword Supremacy: $967.73 from review and interview with Herc Magnus

200 Dollars Blueprint 2.0: $615.89 from review and interview with Henry Gold

OctoSuite: $391 from review and interview with Luke Maguire

Member Pal: $327 from review and interview with Dan Green

Video Traffic Genie: $246.80 from review and interview with Paul Venables

Thrive Leads: $237 from review and interview with Shane Melaugh

Viddyoze 2.0: $166.50 from review and interview with Viddyoze team

EZ Video Creator: $152.76 from review and interview with Matt Bush

Drop Mock Video: $137.20 from review and interview with Lee Pennington

WP Fan Machine 2.0: $112.40 from review and interview with Ankur Shukla

Video Spin Blaster Pro: $104.24 from review and interview with Ali G

OneSoci 2.0: $82.50 from review and interview with Lee Pennington

Mail X: $79.84 from review and interview with Han Fan

eCom Pages: $71.40 from review and interview with Mo Aguel

Repwarn reseller (CLOSED): $67 from review and interview with Walt Bayliss

Convertri: $55.50 from review and interview with Andy Fletcher

Revamply: $55.50 from review and interview with Sam Bakker

Vidgeos: $54 from review and interview with Josh Ratta

Azon Authority: $48.84 from review and interview with Sean Donahoe

Video Traffic X (CLOSED): $47 from review and interview with Walt Bayliss

Email Click Magnet 2.0: $43.50 from review

Easy VSL 2.0: $43.50 from review and interview with Mark Thompson

Flipp Me: $38.45 from review and interview with Art Flair

Fresh Member: $37 from review and interview with Mark Thompson

Zapable: $34.30 from review and interview with Chris Fox

IntelliPlayer: $33.50 from review and interview with Bill Guthrie

WP Traffic UP: $32.26 from interview and review with Mark Hess

Ad Respark: $30 from review and interview with Devin Zander

Chat Response: $29.92 from review and interview with Sam Bakker

Tube Amplify Pro: $29.60 from review and interview with Peter Beattie and Parker Nirenstein

Absolute Jacker (CLOSED): $25.32 from review and interview with Ariel Sanders

Social Kickstart: $25.50 from customers being cookied from buying previous products

Video Agent X: $23.50 from review and interview with Peter Beattie

PinDrill: $23.50 from review and interview with Maddy Dutta

3K Challenge: $18.42 from interview with Emka

Viral Video Stores: $17 from review and interview with Neil Napier

Webinar Fusion Pro: $14.80 from review and interview with Dwayne Golden

Youtube Ad Vantage:$13.50 from review and interview with Robert Phillips

Buzzinar: $13.50 from review and interview with Omar Martin

Arbitrage Sugardaddy: $12.90 from review and interview with Tom E.

Webinar X: $11.98 from review and interview with Neil Napier

HydraVid: $9.98 from review and interview with Walt Bayliss

Free Traffic Bonanza: $8.69 from review and interview with Fergal Downes


Visibily: $8.50 from review and interview with Neil Napier

Explaindio: $8.50 from review and interview with Nick LaPolla

Voice Stak: $8.50 from review and interview with Mark Thompson

FB Livewire: $7.79 from review and interview with Ray Lane

InstaHook Video Backgrounds: $6.80 from review and interview with Brad Scott

Easiest 5rr Cash Ever : $6.05 from review and interview with Bamdad Sky

2016 Traffic and Conversion Summit Notes: $4.96 from review and interview with Tim Castleman



Total revenue from interviews and reviews: $24,763.75 (-$5,032.73 from September)

Mail It: $1,555.11 – My earnings from a launch I did in August, 2016 with Brett Rutecky

Mail It Agency promo: $979.69 from Brett Rutecky for a webinar promo

Affiliate Income Secrets: $467.50 – My product teaching how I make money from affiliate marketing

Resell Rights Weekly: $153.67 – This is a website that has a ton of products that you can use as your own

Keyword Suggestions JV commission: $89.05 – This is my cut from a launch I did with Radu in September, 2015

Google Adsense: $76.57 – Earnings from Youtube Adsense

Social Robot JV commission: $76.05 – This my cut from a launch I did with Joshua Zamora in early 2015

Affiliate Trax: $57.64 – This is my cut from a launch I did with Brett in May, 2016

SociSpot JV commission: $36.78 – This is my cut from a launch I did with Lee Pennington in November, 2015

Profit Canvas Pro: $18.36 from a product Brett Rutecky and I launched in 2015


Total from OTHER streams of income: $3,510.42 (-$5,633.77  from September)

Total Revenue: $28,274.17 (-$601.04 from September)

Total Profit: $24,840.01 (-$3,106.38 from September)

This income report will be super quick as I’ve fallen a bit behind. Numbers look good…glad to be above $20k.

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