​​​​Stuff that Works

I do a lot of interviews with people who sell amazing products and services. I’ve chosen the best of the best to include here with links directly to their products and to their interviews.

Check out the links below:

My Products

Product_Launch_Confessions_00Product Launch Confessions– This is a series of 12 interviews I did with EXPERT product launchers about EXACTLY how they launch successful products

Quick and Easy Cash Blueprint- My product where I explain EXACTLY how I make money with eBay and Fiverr

Fiverr Secrets – This is an over-the-shoulder video course where I show how I made $484 on Fiverr

Ways of Making Money Online that WORK

Simple Novice Profits- Vinny’s course that teaches you how to make money the REAL way. You can watch his interview HERE.

Arbitrage Underdog– Tom’s AMAZING software that searches Craigslist for potential clients, and THEN searches Fiverr for people to do the work for you. Check out his interview HERE and my review HERE.

Video Marketing

Video Traffic System– Brad Scott’s course about how he makes a living on Youtube. You can check out the interview and review for more information.

Keyword Research

Long Tail Pro- This is my favorite keyword research tool. I own multiple copies of it (for my outsourcers) and HIGHLY recommend it. You can check out my interview with it’s creator HERE.


IMnow Webinar– This is a very affordable way to hold your own trainings and webinars without spending hundreds of dollars per month. You can check out my interview and review for more information.