Update for November 2012 – Gaining momentum, some big interviews, and profits!


Bing Advertising: $50.04

Aweber: $29

Host Gator hosting: $50

Warrior Forum Ads: $60

Contest Domination Pro: $30

Screenflow update: $29

Get Response: $65

Get Subscribers (CLOSED): $90

Email service: $34

Libsyn: $55

Total expenses: $492.04


Instant Instagram Profits (CLOSED): $138.38 from Interview with Komsat Keo

Page One Profits: $81.72 from Interview with Rachel Rofe

Epic Kindle Promotion (CLOSED): $69.38 from interview with Derek Madden

Business Turnkey Exponential (CLOSED): $64 from interview with Sarkis Yambestian

Azon Classroom 3.0: $59.15 from interview with Jeff Carson

Mobile Tester Profits (CLOSED): $52.10 from interview with Jonathan Oshevire

Spy Bar: $48.80 from interview with Rob Cornish

WP Speed Formula (CLOSED): $32.01 from interview with Josh Fulfer

Customer Retention Formula (CLOSED): $28.66 from Interview with Chris Reck

Live CPA Blueprint (CLOSED): $24.28 from interview with Paul Nagel

Offline Bullet Cash: $23.42 from interview with Paul Nicholls

Offline Walkons (CLOSED): $22.56 from Interview with James Tudsbury

Dangers of Social Media (CLOSED): $19.28 from interview with Kornel Kathi

PLR Special: $16.54 from Interview with Justin Popovic

Going Viral on Facebook: $16.39 from interview with Yoel Cohen

Web Cash Stream: $14.85 from interview with Yaros Pacheco

Rebel Mouse Infestation: $5.64 from interview with Jimmy Mancini

Geo Cash (CLOSED): $15.34

Automated LI Profits (CLOSED): $8.99

Simple Affiliate Domination (CLOSED): $7.12

Peerfly: $90.40

Text link ads: $62

SocialAdr: $47.60

WP Goldmine (CLOSED): $9.22

Ezarticle link: $119

CTR Theme: $30.14

Whoosh Traffic (CLOSED): $18

Contest Domination: $8.82

Adsense: $141

Website sales: $287.69

Total Revenue: $1,562.38


Total Profit: $1,070.44

I’m going to keep this revenue update short because it’s for November and not December. One thing that November showed me is that doing interviews can definitely be profitable. It’s also great for creating connections with people that might not normally be accessible.

My most notable interviews in November were with Derek Halpern from SocialTriggers.com and Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com. These interviews didn’t make me any money in affiliate commissions, but they added a lot of value and credibility to my website and show. I had a lot of great feedback from both of these.

My biggest expenses involved a service that I tried out called Get Subscribers. It is provided by the autoresponder company GetResponse.com as a way to get opted-in subscribers on autopilot. I paid $90 plus some other fees for using the service, but I found that the leads they provided were not very responsive when I emailed them out. Instead of continuing on with them I just cancelled. I didn’t have great luck with them, but that doesn’t mean that others won’t. I’d love to hear about your experience with them in the comments below.

I also did some advertising with Bing to send traffic to some CPA offers with Peerfly. I had some success with that, but I just haven’t had time yet to pursue it. I’m in the process of working together with Jonathan Smith from Lead Smack (CLOSED) to learn how to make money with CPA offers. When that happens I’ll be sure to share with you all.

To sum up November, it gave me some proof that I could create value and make money at the same time by doing interviews with successful online marketers. It gave me the extra push to keep publishing five interviews a week and building my audience. I want to thank you all for watching, reading, and listening.


  • December 30, 2012
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