Income Report for November, 2013 – Chugging along…and a new income stream

16,587 page views (+1,093 from October)

935  iTunes downloads (-558 from October)

8,639 Youtube channel views  (+131 from October)

65,072 minutes watched (+3,379 from October)

Aweber subscribers: 4,644 (+56 subscribers from October)

GetResponse subscribers: 2,583 (+897 subscribers from October)

Twitter followers:  5,731 (-14 followers from October)

Facebook Fans:  619 (+26 from October)



Libsyn: $40 – I host my podcast with this so I can put it on iTunes

Aweber: $49 – This is my list building software that allows me to email everyone when there’s a new interview

GetResponse: $55 – This is the autoresponder I use for my buyer’s list and solo ads

Skype: $10 for premium

Storm on Demand Liquid Web Hosting: $60

eBay: $29.10 (fees for eBay arbitrage)

Yesware: $5

Perfect Audience: $25

Solo ads: $980


Total expenses: $1,253.10 (-$415.49 compared to October)



Solo Ad Business Blueprint (CLOSED): $297 from interview with Kate Rosenberg

Niche Synergy (CLOSED): $238.76 from interview and review with Mark Bishop

FB Clicks Massacre (CLOSED): $228.90 from interview and review with Denis Balitskiy

WP Profits Plugin: $167.28 from interview with Todd Huish

LeadPlayer (CLOSED): $147 from interview with Clay Collins and links under interviews

31K Subscribers course (CLOSED): $82.64 from interview with China Dave Gruber

The Traffic Hack System (CLOSED): $74.78 from interview with Mike Marin

Simple Novice Profits (CLOSED): $59.28 from interview with Vinny Boccalino

The Money Tree (CLOSED): $54.04 from interview with Russ Ruffino

Trust Jacker (CLOSED): $53.84 from interview with Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones

Covert Store Builder: $44.40 from interview with Cindy Battye

Fiverr Euphoria: $44.40 from interview with Fergal Downes

The Four Hour System (CLOSED): $44.16 from interview with Anton Kraly

Video Curation Pro: $37.61 from interview with Peter Drew

Arbitrage Underdog: $37 from interview with Tom E and review

Local Video Takeoff (CLOSED): $29.05 from interview with Sam Bakker

Niche Eureka 2.0: $27.82 from interview with Barry Rodgers

List Frenzy (CLOSED): $23.50 from interview with Andre Stoelinga and Daryl Austman

Curation Soft 3.0: $22.20 from interview with Peter Lenkefi

WP Connect: $21.95 from interview with Kevin Docherty

Local Lead Detective (CLOSED): $20.35 from interview with Sam Bakker

My Income Revolution System (CLOSED): $20 from interview with Ivan Rendulic

FB Cash Study (CLOSED): $18.50 from interview with Chris Blair

Operation Solo: $17.97 from interview with Anthony Tilley

Project X Tube (CLOSED): $17.92  from interview with Cliff Carrigan

The Wise Old Email Gorilla: $17 from interview with Jimmy Wrex

eCommerce Mastery: $15.42 from interview with Sam England and Sean Colman

Article Buddy Pro: $13.50 from interview with Radu Hahaianu

Spy Bar: $12.97 from interview with Rob Cornish

Extreme Membership (CLOSED): $10.23 from interview with Simon Dodd

Secret Millionaires Traffic Source (CLOSED): $9.95 from interview with Dave Gruber and Matt Bacak

This Stuff Really Works: $9.90 from interview with James Holland

Publicity Zoo course (CLOSED): $9.48 from interview with Dan Page

3k Challenge: $9.21 from interview with Emka Strimaitis

Fortune Fiverr (CLOSED): $9 from interview with Ron Rule

1,001 Proven Email Subject Lines: $7.25 from interview with Matt Bacak


Total revenue from interviews: $1,954.26 (+$45.99 from October)


Quick and Easy Cash Blueprint (CLOSED): $252 – My product showing the results I had using Vinny’s Simple Novice Profits (CLOSED).

Product Launch Confessions (CLOSED): $27

Kindle earnings: $7

Text link ads: $21.60– I make this income from an old website of mine.

Whoosh Traffic (CLOSED): $17.90 – A keyword tracker for monitoring multiple keyword rankings

SocialAdr: $5.60 – A hands-off way of getting more likes and tweets for your posts

Optin Skin: $30.48

Consulting: $239.95

Fiverr Gigs: $484

Total from OTHER streams of income: $1,085.53  (-$81.47 from October)


Total Revenue: $3,039.79 (-$35.53 from October)


Total Profit: $1,786.69 (+$379.96 from October)


Another month has flown by in our never-ending quest of making a full-time income online. I’m actually very pleased with my results this month as I almost broke the $2,000 profit barrier even after spending over $1,000 building my business. Plus, with the Thanksgiving holiday business can be a bit slow during the end of the month, so considering that I did very well.

On another side note, I made almost $800 more this month than I did a year ago last November.

So what happened this month?

November was a month of testing. I spent a total of $980 buying 26 solo ads from 25 different sellers. Instead of buying large amounts, I bought batches of 100 clicks from each of them to test their traffic out before investing more. I’m doing this in order to get the most new subscribers for my money when I buy larger batches of clicks in December. My plan is to spend at least $2,000 this month on solo ads to keep my business growing and growing.

From the solo ads I bought in October and November I’ll buy larger batches from the solo ads that resulted in new subscribers at $.50 per subscriber or less. Theoretically this means that if the traffic performs the same as it did in the smaller buy that I should be able to add 3,000 new subscribers to my list for $1,500. If each subscriber brings in $.30 per month in profit then I’ll be spending $1,500 for a $900/month income addition. Would you pay $1,500 for a $900/month income stream?

Now do I think I’ll see $900 in increased revenue immediately and like clockwork? Nope, but even if it was a third of that, just $300, I’d still pay $1,500 for $300/month in increased income…no hesitation.

But how will my income increase from new subscribers?

1. Affiliate income.

2. Buyers of my products

3. Coaching clients

You can see the individual results I had with each solo ad at my Solo Ad Directory.

An Extra Income Stream on Fiverr

You may have noticed that I earned $484 from Fiverr this month. I’ve been working on a simple method of getting the most for my time and gigs on Fiverr so I can make a true business out of it. If enough of you are interested I’ll release a course about how I’m using Fiverr to make some decent side money. I’m really excited about this as I’m always after finding ways I can make some extra income in my spare time.


What to expect from me in December?

I have a few courses that I’ve completed that I need to launch. I haven’t decided how I’m going to release them yet. Most likely I’ll release them locally to my audience first and then let affiliates promote. Time will tell.

And of course I’ll be buying solo ads. You should expect this month to be  a huge solo ad buying month.


Here’s some pictures from November 🙂

Finally some reading time at Starbucks
Finally some reading time at Starbucks
A delicious Turkish dessert in Istanbul
A delicious Turkish dessert in Istanbul
Meeting up with my Australian mates
Out with my wife on her birthday
Out with my wife on her birthday


    1. Hi Sule,

      I’ve come up with a way of making some extra money in my spare time on Fiverr. Nothing earth-shattering, but I’m happy to make almost an extra $500 this month from not much work.

  1. seeing this income proof I can tell that what you do is do-able. It looks like you promote all the good products that come through on Jvzoo and the warrior forum. my Aweber list is half yours, yet I can see that you just build it up. It would be cool to see the “real” breakdown. Like… did the money come from the web traffic or the mailings you do.
    Congratulations on your 1000+ new subscribers last month.

    1. Barry,

      Yes, exactly, I pick and choose the products that I can put my name behind. If your list is around 3,000 then you should be able to make a decent amount of money if you’re doing honest reviews promoting these products. But you need to build trust and authority with your audience first if you want them to respect your opinion.

      As far as “the real breakdown” as far as traffic goes, most of it comes from repeat visitors (people who visit on their own) and traffic from my mailing list. I would devote 90% of my success to my list.

      Thanks, I expect to acquire 3,000 more this month 🙂

  2. Yes, you are right. I have a list of about 2000 so I’m leaving a lot of money on the table when i don’t promote these products. I buy a lot of them also. I just bought Facebook Massacre from your link the other day. Good review and an awesome product.

    1. Barry,

      Thank you very much for buying through my link. I really appreciate it.

      Yes, you can promote these products to your list, but just pick and choose carefully which ones you choose. Over time you’ll figure out what your list is interested in and how they’ll respond.

  3. Yes, I am curious about the Fiverr thing too 😉 Thx for all the details, very insightful profits and expenses!

  4. Hi Mike, thank you for your quick generation of November’s Statement. (most people don’t generate one till the middle of the month :)).
    You spent $980 on solo ads, over 80% of your expenses…
    Can you elaborate on what you targeted in your solo ad effort, (like number of lists, did you do any trade listings, frequency of execution and other metrics you might be tracking?
    I’m waiting for you to crack 10K operating income, when you get there I’m buying the booze! Once again thank you, I learn so much from your efforts.

    1. Ger,

      You’re welcome…I thought I’d get right to it this month.

      Yes, I spent a lot on solo ads, so hopefully in the next few months we’ll see it pay off.

      How many lists do I have? I basically have one list, but I do separate my buyers onto a separate list. I didn’t do any trade listings (I think you mean ad swaps) this month. I’m simply emailing my list every time I have a new interview.

      If I hit 10k in operating income I’ll buy YOU the booze 😉

  5. Hi Mike
    I want to spend 1000 $ for solo ads and hope to get 2000 subscriber. But i don’t have any funnel yet and I have no idea how i can make a high converting funnel. Do you have any suggestion ? Should i giveaway things in that funnel ?
    It’s really important for me to make the best out of my investment.

    where can i find the cheap and quality solo ads ?

    1. Bamdadsky,

      The most important thing in building a list is a funnel that converts. Perhaps I’ll put out a training course about it.

  6. Hey Mike, interesting breakdown of your earnings And it’s good to see they’re increasing. You have a good size list from which to mail out to. It’s only when you actually get a list that you see the value of it. But most importantly – look after your list. As mentioned, over time you get to know what your list wants and likes.
    Good going Mike and thanks a lot.

    1. Any,

      Yes, my list is getting larger, but with a larger list comes responsibility to deliver quality information and products to it.

  7. Hello Mike,

    Are you still planning to release your little report on Fiver this morning? you said 10am but never received anything.


  8. Hey Mike,

    Congratulations on your website !
    Your Income Stream Reports are very encouraging !
    You’ve just entered my bookmarks folder ! 🙂
    Cheers !

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