Income Report for October, 2014 – Playing Catch Up

42,869 page views   (+12,898 from September)

18,455 Youtube channel views  (-806 from September)

129,775 minutes watched (-5,282 from September)

Aweber subscribers: 6,503 (+513 subscribers from September)

GetResponse subscribers:  1,211 (-747 subscriber from September)

Total email list subscribers: 7,714


Aweber: $69 – This is my list building software that allows me to email everyone when there’s a new interview

JVZoo Fees: $48.84

GetResponse: $45 – This is the autoresponder I use for my buyer’s list and solo ads

oDesk Virtual Assistants: $44.40 – I have some workers helping me with daily tasks that don’t need me. I’m trying to outsource more and more daily.

Traffic Planet Hosting: $24.99 – The hosting account that I recently switched to. It’s super fast and I’m very happy with it.

Audio Jungle: $20 – Music for my Affiliate Income Secretes sales video

Resell Rights Weekly: $19.95 – Reoccurring membership fee for the bonuses I add from my interviews and reviews

WuFoo: $14.95

SendGrid: $11.23 – Email sending service

Skype: $10 for premium

Facebook ads: $4.66

Total expenses: $313.02 (-$443.87 compared to September)


The Rainmaker (CLOSED): $2,039.97 from review and interview with Bill Hugall

Commission Kaboom (CLOSED): $1,061.67 from review and interview with Tom Yevsikov

iPocket Video: $1,038.30 from review and interview with Joey Xoto

How to Create Information Products that SELL: $847.33 from review and interview with Reed Floren

Absolute Jacker (CLOSED): $831.50 from review and interview with Ariel Sanders

Fiverr Factory (CLOSED): $779.09 from review

Fresh Store Builder: $755.50 from review and interview with Carey Baird

Article Buddy Pro: $692.55 from review and interview with Radu Hahaianu

Fancy Forms (CLOSED): $657 from review and interview with Brett Rutecky

Call To Action Pro (CLOSED): $553.75 from review and interview with Alexander Sebastian

Tee Profits Recipe (CLOSED): $495.50 from review and interview with Demian Caceres

How to Find Affiliate Programs for BIG Profits: $452.92 from review and interview with Reed Floren

Social Post Manager (CLOSED): $440.21 from review and interview with Sam Bakker

Video Tweet Pressr (CLOSED): $429.53 from review and interview with Leah Butler-Smith

Email Jeet: $415.91 from review and interview with Cyril “Jeet” Gupta

WP Sales Chimp (CLOSED): $377.46 from review and interview with Joshua Zamora

Video Alchemy (CLOSED): $348.02 from review and interview with Simon Warner

Social Mobi Surveys: $347.96 from review and interview with Karthik Ramani

Easy Web Video eBay Edition: $274.52 from review and interview with Todd Gross

Thrive Landing Pages: $267 from review and interview with Shane Melaugh

Covert Conversation: $235.18 from review and interview with Cindy Battye

Socialite Pro: $231 from review and interview with Luke Maguire

IM Success Secrets With Mike From Maine And Saul Maraney: $198.66 from mail promo

Solo Ad Escape: $192.27 from review and interview with Kevin Fahey

Profit Spring (CLOSED): $151.50 from review and interview with Ryan Powell

Fearless Email: $145.56 from review and interview with Chuck Mullaney

Arbitrage Underdog RELOADED: $137.50 from review and interview with Tom E

Rapid Video Funnels: $117.85 from review and interview with Peter Beattie

Tee Cash Kit (CLOSED): $111 from review and interview with Nishant Bhardwaj

Video Maker FX: $102 from review and interview with Peter Roszak

The Fiverr Handover (CLOSED): $81.14 from review and interview with Fergal Downes

Covert Store Builder: $74.90 from interview with Cindy Battye

Tee Profit Punch (CLOSED): $69.20 from review and interview with Travis Petelle

Resto Box: $52 from review and interview with Prady

Mobile Lead Monster: $50.40 from review and interview with Kevin Zichermann

IMNow Webinar (CLOSED): $48.50 from review and interview with Keith Lynch

RunClick Webinar: $47 from review and interview with Walt Bayliss

Tee Blueprint (CLOSED): $44.55 from review and interview with Manny Hanif

Under the Radar Profits (CLOSED): $41.81 from review and interview with James Canzanella

Giga Pro Launch: $35.71 from review and interview with Ivana Bosjnak

Kindle Marketing Magic: $35.70 from review and interview with Mike Balmaceda

Funnel Vision (CLOSED): $34.93 from review and interview with Dr. Ben Adkins

The Death of Solo Ads: $32.85 from review and interview with David Eisner

Creative Post: $31.05 from review and interview with Guillermo Mata

Million Dollar Sales Video (CLOSED): $29.35 from review and interview with Alex Jeffreys

How To Build Your First List: $24.57 from review and interview with Reed Floren

Ad Factory (CLOSED): $24.30 from review and interview with Russ Schneider

Local Reputation Hero: $23.50 from review and interview with Matthew Ianotti

Hero Tower (CLOSED): $23.50 from review and interview with Ross Carrel

Azon Video Vault (CLOSED): $23.50 from review and interview with M. Bari

Social Lead Chief (CLOSED): $22.75 from review and interview with Stefan van der Vlag

Operation Solo: $17.97 from interview with Anthony Tilley

Instant Email Swipe File: $17.96 from review and interview with Matt Bacak

Tuberank Jeet: $16.20 from review and interview with Cyril Gupta

Passive List Building Blitz (CLOSED): $15.83 from review and interview with Fergal Downes

Local Business Breach: $13.50 from review and interview with Paul James

Fiverr Untapped: $12.10 from review and interview with John Shea

Simple JV Cash (CLOSED): $10.25 from review and interview with AJ Montoya

FB Fever Reloaded: $8.50 from review and interview with A.J. Montoya

Spy Perfection (CLOSED): $8.50 from review and interview with Sam Bakker

FB Clicks Massacre (CLOSED): $6.73 from interview and review with Denis Balitskiy

WSO Winner: $5.44 from review and interview with Alessandro Zamboni

Going Viral on Facebook: $4.86 from interview with Yoel Cohen

Inner Circle Solo Ads 3.0 (CLOSED): $4.50 from interview with Rob Stafford

Total revenue from interviews: $15,721.76  (+$684.18 from September)

Secret Product: $982.12 Prelaunch tests for my November product launch

Fiverr Secrets: $17– My product showing how I make about $500/month in extra income on Fiverr

Kindle earnings: $26.92

Resell Rights Weekly: $44.01 – This is a website that has a ton of products that you can use as your own

Long Tail Pro: $10.40 from interview with Spencer Haws

Total from OTHER streams of income: $1,080.45 (-$2,635.28 from September)

Total Revenue: $16,802.21 (-$1,951.10 from September)

Total Profit: $16,489.19 (-$1,507.23 from September)

Above you’ll find my results for October. I didn’t have a chance to update this in November as it was my BUSIEST month online ever since I had a big product launch.

Instead of trying to remember everything that happened this month, I’m going to focus on my November income report instead, as it will be a lot more interesting 🙂

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