Income Report for July, 2015 – This is a Catch Up Income Report


I normally try to put out an income report every month, but this Summer has been super-busy with work, family, and taking a bunch of vacations.

I’ve decided to just publish this income report to record my numbers and focus on my September report instead.

Please see my September Income report for a NORMAL report on my income along with commentary on my journey.

Here’s my results for July, 2015.


31,696 website page views (-9,481 from June)

27,227 Youtube channel views (-6,446 from June)

179,940 Youtube minutes watched (-28,312 from June)

Aweber email subscribers: 16,779 (+3,214 subscribers from June)


GoToWebinar: $199 – I use this for live webinars and training

Aweber: $149 – This is my list building software that allows me to email everyone when there’s a new interview or review

GetResponse: $145 – This is the autoresponder I use for my buyer’s list

Traffic Planet Hosting: $50 – The hosting account that I recently switched to. It’s super fast and I’m very happy with it.

Skype: $39.99 for premium – I do all my interviews with Skype and Ecamm call recorder on a Mac.

oDesk Virtual Assistants: $35.78 – I have some workers helping me with daily tasks that don’t need me. I’m trying to outsource more and more daily.

Improvely: $29 – This is a tool that I’m using to track the lifetime value of leads

Wistia: $25 – This is how I host my sales videos and course content.

Resell Rights Weekly: $19.95 – Reoccurring membership fee for the bonuses I add from my interviews and reviews

Schedule Once: $19 – A tool I use for scheduling coaching calls

WuFoo: $14.95 – A tool that allows me to take applications for my coaching program

Amazon S3: $4.42 – I use this to host images and videos

Total expenses: $731.09 (-$3,894.52 spent compared to June)


eCom Experts Academy (CLOSED): $4,458.60 from review and interview with Justin Taylor

Video Ads Crash Course 2.0: $3,501.14 from review and interview with Justin Sardi

Viral Video Stores: $1,079.36 from review and interview with Neil Napier

LeadIn (CLOSED): $995.50 from review and interview with Paul O’Keefe

Video Skins: $787.50 from bonus page

Video Rankr: $785.20 from review and interview with Joshua Zamora

The Black Box Sales Machine (CLOSED): $746.71 from review and interview with Alex Jeffreys

Publish Vault (CLOSED): $650.50 from review and interview with Mark Thompson

ReEngage (CLOSED): $619 from review and interview with Will Perkins

SociVids (CLOSED) : $395.02 from review and interview with Brett Rutecky

Video Hub: $322.30 from review and interview with Karthik Ramani and Chad Nicely

Shock Spots: $272.70 from review and interview with Mark Bishop

IntelliPlayer: $123.48 from review and interview with Bill Guthrie

5rr Cash Machine: $122.76 from review and interview with Idrees

Azon Authority: $121.18 from review and interview with Sean Donahoe

Instant Video Machine: $118.11 from review and interview with Matt Bush

Weird Niche Content: $117.03 from review and interview with Mark Bishop

Zapable (CLOSED): $109.20 from review and interview with Chris Fox

Online Wealth Academy (CLOSED): $108 from reviewinterview, and webinar with Mikael Dia

Cloud Prospect Machine (CLOSED): $97.50 from review and interview with Steve Benn

Easy VSL: $95.50 from review and interview with Mark Thompson

Kindle Money Mastery: $80.69 from review and interview with Stefan Pylarinos

Arbitrage Underdog RELOADED: $73.25 from review and interview with Tom E

Video Maker FX: $68 from review and interview with Peter Roszak

InstaHook Video Backgrounds: $65.20 from review and interview with Brad Scott

Market Samurai: $60.96 from interview with Ben Stickland

Social Contest (CLOSED): $58.46 from review and interview with Neil Napier

AK Booster Pro: $58.20 from review and interview with Ben Murray

Video Black Belt: $53.43 from review and interview with Peter Beattie

CPA Income Crusher: $50.72 from review and interview with Tobias

Profit Store Pro: $48.50 from review and interview with Jon Mac

Thrive Leads: $47.25 from review and interview with Shane Melaugh

Socialite Pro: $38.50 from review and interview with Luke Maguire

Easiest 5rr Cash Ever : $38.20 from review and interview with Bamdad Sky

Fresh Member: $37 from review and interview with Mark Thompson

Solo Ad Arbitrage 2.0 (CLOSED): $35.04 from review and interview with Andrea Fulton

Webinar Hero: $34.97 from review and preview video

Explaindio: $34 from review and interview with Nick LaPolla

WP Profit Builder: $33.84 from review and interview with Sean Donahoe

Rapid Mailer: $33.50 from review and interview with Sean Donahoe

Social Robot (CLOSED): $30.92 from review and preview video

Fresh Store Builder (CLOSED): $28.50 from review and interview with Carey Baird

Buzz Ignition (CLOSED): $25.65 from review and interview with Neil Napier

How To Build Your First List: $24.57 from review and interview with Reed Floren

Easy Web Video eBay Edition: $22.46 from review and interview with Todd Gross

Video Pop Funnels: $21 from review and interview with Roger Dagenais

Go Bonanza: $20.40 from review and interview with David Eisner

Absolute Jacker (CLOSED): $18.50 from review and interview with Ariel Sanders

3K Challenge: $18.42 from interview with Emka

Instant Email Swipe File: $18.40 from review and interview with Matt Bacak

Funnel Vision (CLOSED): $14.97 from review and interview with Dr. Ben Adkins

Long Tail Pro: $13.50 from interview with Spencer Haws

Simple CPA Machines (CLOSED): $12.92 from review and interview with Yair Dolev

Solo Ad Business Blueprint (CLOSED): $11.87 from interview with Kate Rosenberg

Spy Perfection (CLOSED): $10.63 from review and interview with Sam Bakker

Video Ranking Machine: $10.20 from review and interview with Ray Lane

HydraVid: $9.98 from review and interview with Walt Bayliss

Retro Reppin: $9.64 from Interview with Mike Shreeve

Ultimate Traffic Monster (CLOSED): $8.76 from review and interview with Naidy Phoon

Laptop Laziness: $8.67 from review and interview with Bill Hugall

Solo Ad Escape: $8.35 from review and interview with Kevin Fahey

Product Creation Rehab: $7.24 from review and interview with Anwesh Rath

List Building for 2015 (CLOSED): $7.18 from review and interview with Fergal Downes

CPA List Loophole: $5.97 from review and interview with Greg Konenenko

Social Lead Chief (CLOSED): $5 from review and interview with Stefan van der Vlag

Inner Circle Solo Ads 3.0 (CLOSED): $4.50 from interview with Rob Stafford

Crowd Search Me (CLOSED): $1.75 from review and interview with Daniel Anton

Qilio: $.50 from review and interview with Jay Venka


Total revenue from interviews and reviews: $16,956.45 (-$7,209.71 from June)

SociVids JV commission: $1,718.30

Affiliate Income Secrets: $1,568.42 – My product teaching how I make money from affiliate marketing

Social Robot JV commission: $497.11

Resell Rights Weekly: $112.46 – This is a website that has a ton of products that you can use as your own

Lead Pages: $31.20 – I’ve been using Lead Pages for a while now…and it’s one of my top tools

Click Magick: $22.40 – This is one of my FAVORITE tools for tracking links.

Kindle earnings: $6.70 – Earnings from a few books I have on Kindle

Aweber : $5.70 – This is the email autoresponder that I personally use for my email list of almost 20,000 subscribers. My email list is my MOST valuable asset, and a common thing I hear on my show is “I wish I had started building my list earlier”. Sign up now for just $1.​

Total from OTHER streams of income: $3,962.29 (-$31,549.69 from June)

Total Revenue: $20,918.74 (-$38,759.40 from June)

Total Profit: $20,187.65 (-$34,864.88 from June)

This is a Catch-Up income report, so I won’t be doing a full write up here, but I just want to make a note that I was able to bring in $20k in profit even while my mother was visiting us for two weeks and I wasn’t able to work. I’m VERY happy with these results 🙂


  1. Congratz Mike 🙂 really inspiring for newbies like me . I’m about to start my small affiliate niche blog .

    Starting with a small thing.

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